Packed with

Performance !!

  • Three-way line array element
  • 2 x 12” LF drivers
  • 1 x 10” Neo Midrange driver 
  • 2 x 2.55” Neo HF compression drivers
  • Birch plywood construction
  • 1410 watts AES (RMS)
  • 2820 watts Programme
  • 5640 watts Peak
  • 16 ohms impedance
  • Fly frame to support up to 12 elements (900 kg)

Neo HF drivers


Ferrite LF drivers

0   watts


0   watts

Peak power

WLA-312X is an advanced three-way line array speaker system capable of handling vast amounts of power – while remaining sonically clear, precise and accurate. Rated at 1410 W AES (RMS) per cabinet and boasting highly efficient custom Wharfedale Pro drivers, the WLA-312X can deliver an astonishing 138 dB Max SPL @ 1 meter.

Custom WP drivers have been selected to ensure that this series not only has the power you would expect, but the three-way configuration brings a new sonic dimension and definition.

With dual 12” woofers, a single 10” midrange driver and dual 2.55” compression drivers, the WLA-312X has everything needed for large venue coverage. In addition, there is no need to fly subwoofers within the array – the WLA-312X has already got plenty of low-end punch.

The WLA-312X is designed to be controlled and tuned with either a Wharfedale Pro Versadrive signal processor or a DP-D series amplifier. Either of these DSP systems deliver full signal routing and processing to maximise the power and sonic effect of the WLA-312X array.

With full steel grilles, multiple handles and 3 fly frame rigging points, WLA-312X is well suited for touring and for hard work on the road.

The accompanying WLA-312X Fly frame is solid! Constructed of A3 steel it can hold up to 900 kg (that’s up to 12 pcs of WLA-312X) with a safety factor of 12.


Let’s let the graph speak for itself

Optional FLY FRAME

The optional WLA-312X Fly frame is solid!

Constructed of A3 steel it can hold up to 900 kg (that’s up to 12 pcs of WLA-312X) with a safety factor of 12.

3-way configuration

With dedicated components for each of the main bandwidths, 3-way systems bring enhanced frequency definition to the listening experience.

3-way systems bring a clarity and space that can only be experienced.


Any 3-way system needs tuning and DSP power.

The allocation of power and frequencies needs to be controlled to maximise the system output.

For this, DP-D series amplifiers are highly recommended. Huge power output and with comprehensive internal Digital Signal Processing, DP-D series amps are the perfect driving partner for the WLA-312X.

Such power and control allows for massive systems to be configured.


A Versadrive DSP (such as SC-48 FIR) or a DP-N series amplifier with internal FIR filtering is highly recommended to get the most from the system.  Phase, EQ and filtering should be applied and this way, the physics of the system can be truly optimised – delivering that sub-bass, power and clarity that this system can deliver.



Model NameWLA-312X
System TypePassive
Frequency Response (+/-3 dB)50-18 KHz
Frequency Range (-10 dB)40-20 KHz
Sensitivity 2.83 v / 1 MeterHF:114 dB/MF:105 dB/LF:102 dB
Calculated Maximum SPL @ 1 MeterHF:142 dB/MF:136 dB/LF:138 dB
Low Frequency Transducer
Size (mm / inches)313 mm / 12”
Voice Coil Size (mm / inches)75.5 mm / 3”
LF Magnet MaterialFerrite
LF Frame MaterialAluminium
Rated Impedance2 x 8 Ω
LF Power re:AES2-20122 x 450 W
Mid Frequency Transducer
Size (mm / inches)260 mm / 10”
Voice Coil Size (mm / inches)65 mm / 2.55”
MF Magnet MaterialNdFeB
MF Frame MaterialAluminium
Rated Impedance16 Ω
MF Power re:AES2-2012350 W
High Frequency Transducer
HF Driver Type:Compression Driver
Coil Size (mm / inches)65 mm / 2.55”
Exit Size (mm / inches)1.4″
HF Magnet MaterialNdFeB
Diaphragm MaterialTitanium
Rated Impedance16 Ω (2 x 8 Ω)
HF Power re:AES2-2012160 W (2 x 80 W)
Waveguide Typesquare
Nominal Coverage (H x V)90H x 7.5V
Nominal Impedance16 Ω
System Power AES (RMS) (w)HF:160 W/MF:350 W/LF:900 W
System Programme Power (w)HF:320 W/MF:700 W/LF:1800 W
System Peak Power (w)HF:640 W/MF:1400 W/LF:3600 W
Crossover frequency160 Hz / 1.2 KHz
Input Connector2 x Neutrik NL8MPR
Rigging3 points for rigging
Pole mountNo
Cabinet typeTrapezoid
Enclosure Material and finish15 mm,18 mm plywood
Colour Optionsblack paint
Grille Material & Finishsteel
Dimensions – Unpacked
Height370 mm
Width Front1030 mm
Width Rear279 mm
Depth550 mm
Dimensions – Packed
Height1095 mm
Width Front480 mm
Width Rear480 mm
Depth650 mm
Net Weight58 kg
Gross Weight62 kg