WLA-28X in South Africa

OnCue Productions is a South African based company that supplies products and expertise to the technical side of the events industry. 

A long-time client approached them with an interesting concept/idea to house LED Screens and a sound system in a truck trailer that could be moved around to cater to crowds of up to 4000 people. 

Sales Manager, Jason Belling knew immediately there was no other compelling choice other than the Wharfedale Pro WLA Line Array as the system has to be powerful and punchy, all of the things that he knew a Wharfedale Pro WLA system would deliver.

The truck was fitted with eight Wharfedale Pro WLA-28X’s and four Delta X218B subs split into a four-a-side over-two configuration. With each WLA-28X element housing two custom 8” LF drivers with 2” voice coils they are highly efficient and, when paired with the Delta-X218 Dual 18” Subwoofers you have an incredibly powerful system that delivers the low-end bass and the top end clarity needed to entertain audiences and keep their attention. 

The entire system is powered by three  CPD4800 Power Amplifiers delivering 2 x 1500W at 4 ohm.  The Signal Processing is managed by the SC-26 Versadrive Speaker Management System.

“You can’t break these subs. In the 20 years I’ve been using Wharfedale Pro, I’ve never broken one” Jason Belling from OnCue Productions. “So as far as choices go, there has never been any other brands to consider for this install.”