IPX6 Dual 10" array


  • Dual 10″ LF drivers
  • 3″ Neodymium HF compression driver
  • 138 dB Max SPL @ 1 meter
  • Birch plywood construction
  • Integral, side plate adjustable rigging system
  • IPX6 Certified


  • Dual 15″ LF drivers
  • 145 dB Max SPL @ 1 meter
  • 18 mm birch plywood construction
  • IPX6 Certified

A new dual 10” line array system – with IPX6 waterproof certification.

Using the same drivers as the acclaimed WLA-210X, the new WLA-210XF model brings extreme power – even in extreme conditions.

Delivering up to 138 dB Max SPL @ 1 meter, each WLA-210XF element is a powerful, all-weather solution.

The system is supported by the dual 15” WLA-210XSUBF subwoofer. With a Max SPL @ 1 meter of 145 dB, this sub also delivers the extreme sonic power needed for the array.

Both the WLA-210XF and WLA-210XSUBF are constructed of premium birch plywood and use aluminium steel rigging hardware. Flat front grilles forged from 3mm aluminium also ensure long lasting looks and durability during transportation and storage.


890 watts
  • 2 x 10″ LF drivers
  • 3″ Neodymium HF compression driver
  • 138 dB Max SPL
  • 15mm / 18mm Birch plywood construction
  • Integral, side plate adjustable rigging system
  • 100° x 10° dispersion
  • 180 watts programme HF
  • 1600 watts programme LF
  • 16 Ω impedance


1200 watts
  • 2 x 15″ LF drivers with 4.0″ voice coils
  • 145 dB Max SPL
  • 18 mm Birch plywood construction
  • Integral rigging system
  • 1200 watts AES (RMS)
  • 2400 watts Programme
  • 4800 watts Peak
  • 4 Ω impedance

Dual 10"

At the heart of the WLA-210XF are 2 x 10″ custom Wharfedale Pro LF drivers.

These feature 4.0″ voice coils to ensure high efficiency and high power handling.

The HF Compression driver is also custom made by Wharfedale Pro. Using a neodymium magnet and a 3.0″ voice coil, this compression driver is coupled to a 100° x 10° waveguide.

These custom designed transducers are what give a WLA-210XF system its incredible sound and power handling capacity.

Optional COmmon FLY FRAME

Arrays can be assembled using only WLA-210XF line array elements or with WLA-210XSUBF Subwoofers at the top of the array.

The WLA-210XF Common Fly frame supports up to 10 x WLA-210XF elements and 1 x WLA-210XSUBF OR 12 x WLA-210XF with a safety factor of 12.

Just imagine

Imagine your dream system!  You can configure a WLA series rig to suit your needs!

To help your design and system preparations, you can download some recommended system diagrams.  These range from small to large and use a selection of our different amplifier ranges. 

FLY OR Ground Stack

WLA-210XF rigging doubles up as an optimised ground stacking system, using the WLA-210FXSUB subwoofer as a base.

Arrays of WLA-210XF line array elements can be aimed downwards by as much as 10° to cover audience areas close to a stage, as well as upward by as much as 10° in order to better cover distant balcony seating areas. 

The optional WLA-210XF Common Fly Frame supports up to 8 WLA-210XF elements plus a WLA-210XSUBF Safety factor of 12

Stainless steel construction  /   Anti-rust materials  /    For flying……or ground stacking

IPX6 Certified

With the same reliability and high performance characteristics as the original ‘non-F’ models, these WLA-210X ‘F’ models are IPX6 Certified.

This certification states that there should be no harmful effects when “Water is projected in powerful jets (12.5mm nozzle) against the enclosure from any direction”

With rust-proof aluminium grilles, components wrapped in wax and anti-corrosion stainless and aluminium screws and hardware, the F models are made for the rain and long-term environmental exposure.

In addition, to reduce any risk of standing water, and to help rental companies with storage, the front grille has been flattened.


A Versadrive DSP (such as SC-48 FIR) or a DP-N series amplifier with internal FIR filtering is highly recommended to get the most from the system.  Phase, EQ and filtering should be applied and this way, the physics of the system can be truly optimised – delivering that sub-bass, power and clarity that this system can deliver.




Model NameWLA-210XFWLA-210XSUBF
System TypeIPX6 waterproofIPX6 waterproof
ConfigurationTwo-way 2 x 10”2 x 15″ subwoofer
Freq Response (+/-3 dB)65 Hz – 20 KHz39 Hz – 900 Hz
Freq Range (-10 dB)60 Hz – 20 KHz35 Hz – 1.5 KHz
Sensitivity (2.83 v / 1 m)102 dB108 dB
Calc Max SPL @1 m138 dB145 dB
System Impedance16 Ω4 Ω
LF Transducer
Size2 x 260 mm / 2 x 10”2 x 381 mm / 15”
Voice Coil Size 65 mm / 2.5”100 mm / 4.0”
Rated Impedance2 x 8 Ω2 x 8 Ω
LF Power (re:AES2-2012)2 x 400 W2 x 600 W
HF Transducer
Compression driverNeo
Voice Coil Size75 mm / 3.0”
Exit Size35.6 mm / 1.4”
Diaphragm MaterialTitanium
Rated Impedance8 Ω
HF (re:AES2-2012)90 W
Coverage (H x V)100° x 10°
Continuous PowerLF:800 W HF:90 W1200 W
Programme PowerLF:1600 W HF:180 W2400 W
Peak PowerLF:3200 W HF:360 W4800 W
Crossover frequency1.5 KHzNo
Operational Modes:NoNo
Input Connector2 x WY-24K4Z (waterproof)1 x WY-24K4Z (waterproof)
HardwareIntegral – adjustableIntegral
rigging 0°-10°non adjustable
Enclosure Material15 mm, 18 mm Ply15 mm, 18 mm Ply
FinishWaterproof PaintWaterproof Paint
Grille Material3.0 mm Aluminium3.0 mm Aluminium
Dims- (Unpacked)
Height Front333.3 mm / 13.1″494 mm / 19.4″
Height Rear256.3 mm / 10.0″494 mm / 19.4″
Width845 mm / 33.3″845 mm / 33.3″
Depth443 mm / 17.4″653 mm / 25.7″
Dims – (Packed)
Height953 mm / 37.5″933 mm / 36.7″
Width Front424 mm / 16.7″723 mm / 28.5″
Width Rear424 mm / 16.7″723 mm / 28.5″
Depth513 mm / 20.2″584 mm / 23.0″
Net Weight46.0 kg / 101.2 lbs81.0 kg / 178.2 lbs
Gross Weight50.0 kg / 110.0 lbs86.4 kg / 190.1 lbs