WLA-118SUB – Active and Passive – Coming soon

Since launch, the Wharfedale Pro WLA-1 Hybrid Curvature Line Array system has really opened some ears! 

Around the world the versatility and system performance has been enjoyed in many live performances and fixed installations. With drivers made in Europe by Beyma, WLA-1 (and the active version WLA-1A) has truly delivered on its amazing specifications.

Introducing the 18” subwoofer for the WLA-1 system. WLA-118SUB – and active version WLA-118SUBA. 

New compact subwoofer solutions which increase both the system scalability and the system performance.

Using custom Duo layer Beyma drivers these 18” solutions pack a punch.  Just like the bigger WLA-121SUB (A), the new WLA-118SUB (A) can be flown from the optional WLA-1 Common Fly Frame or can be deployed on the ground to support a WLA-112 (A) or WLA-115 (A) element on a pole – thus delivering the ultimate in versatilty and configuration options.

Covered in our latest paint finish, Tough-Tone, the WLA-118SUB is durable, powerful and practical both to transport and to rig.

When combined with the stunning 21” subwoofer from the WLA-1 series, there is extended infrabass from the 21” and an extreme punch from the 18”. A combination to be experienced!

The WLA-1 System – 12”, 15” full range models and now 18” and 21” subs….available in active AND passive.