WLA-1 in Switzerland

Sacher Music in Switzerland were busy during the holiday season with several WLA-1 installations and events.

Here’s some pictures from a mobile carnival event which was used for both a disco and for live music performance. The system used 8 x WLA-112 and 4 x WLA-121SUB’s driven with DP-4100N and DP-2200F amplifiers (of course, using our FIR presets).

The system was rented from Stagepro in Piererlen by Christian Pümpin of Powerlight in Buckten. 

Christian explained….”the system was easy to set up and, thanks to the presets in the power amplifiers, the sound was impressive with an excellent and deep bass response and crystal-clear reproduction in the mid and treble range. The flying WLA-112 delivered a superb coverage all over the arena. The system convinces with an excellent sound reproduction that can easily keep up with some far more expensive systems and we will continue to invest in WHARFEDALE PRO in the future”


The Sacher Music team tell us that the local earthquake warning went off while they were testing the system!!