Window of the World

Window of the World, situated in Shenzhen, China, is home to miniature replicas of 130 of the world’s most famous landmarks, offering visitors the opportunity to experience the wonders of the globe in a single day.

At the heart of the park is a 354-foot-tall replica of the Eiffel Tower, featuring an open stage and event area within the base of its structure. This area was the focus of a recent sound system upgrade, with British professional audio brand, Wharfedale Pro providing a complete solution to enhance attendees’ experience of Window of the World’s various events and concerts.

“The event space is unconventional, being both outdoors and under the cover of the Eiffel Tower above”, explains Alex Lane, Applications and Solutions Manager at Wharfedale Pro. “We worked directly with the local team to design a system that would deliver fantastic audio for large-scale events, such as their annual Halloween event, which attracts around 50,000 attendees.”

A Wharfedale Pro line array system was selected for this installation project.  As there is little protection from the elements under the tower, IPX6-certified models were deployed.

The front-of-house array consists of eight WLA-312X three-way array elements per side. These are driven by Wharfedale Pro DP-N series amplifiers, controlled via a Dante network. Eight dual 18” WLA-218BXF subwoofers are placed under the main stage and are also powered by DP-N series amplifiers. On-stage monitoring is handled by three 15” WLA-15MXF waterproof floor monitors. The entire system uses the built-in DSP inside the DP-N amplifiers, including a combination of FIR filters and peak limiters.

“WLA-312X was chosen due to the constraints of the space, which only allows for limited subwoofers to be placed under the stage,” continues Lane. “The larger format array allows for an extended long-throw bass response and excellent horizontal axis coverage. Audience members from the front to the back can enjoy the most consistent experience possible.”

Recognising the park’s diverse event requirements, the system was designed with scalability in mind. Wharfedale Pro provided additional equipment, so the client also has the option to add ground-stacked IPX6-certified arrays along the Champs Elysees, which leads towards the miniature Arc de Triomphe, for larger events.

The installation of the Wharfedale Pro sound system has successfully transformed the open space beneath the Eiffel Tower into a versatile venue suitable for a variety of performances and events. The Window of the World management team expressed their delight with the results, affirming the system’s capability to deliver high-quality audio across a large area.

“I know the show is in Paris… but I can hear it clearly in Rome,” remarked one Window of the World visitor, highlighting the power and performance of Wharfedale Pro’s WLA series. 


Kit list:
16 x WLA-312 : 3-way line array
3 x WLA-15MXF : 15” stage monitors
8 x WLA-218BXF : Dual 18” subwoofers
2 x DP-4065N : Amplifiers (HF)
2 x DP-4100N : Amplifiers (MF)
4 x DP-4100N : Amplifiers (LF)
4 x DP-4100N : Amplifiers (Subwoofers)
1 x DP-4100N : Amplifier (Monitors)