Wadsworth Theatre, USA

Wharfedale Pro DP-F Series amps installed at the Wadsworth Theatre, Newnan, Georgia, USA.

The experienced installation team at PDH Systems, Marietta, Georgia, USA have recently completed a tidy install of Wharfedale Pro DP-F series amplifiers into Wadsworth Theatre, Georgia.

PDH installed 2 x DP-2200F’s to drive 8 array loudspeakers and 2 subs covering 3 sections of 643 seats. Installed with theatre driven audio in mind, it is configured in a left, right stereo with a mono centre. PDH also installed 2 x DP-4065F amplifiers, which drive 8 individual floor wedges and mixes.

Paul Hendrix, President of PDH explained more. “The installation clearly needed a multi-channel amplifier solution. However the venue also required powerful DSP and it was critical to keep the entire project within budget. Our team found that DP-F series amps would be the practical solution and we used the DSP Control software extensively to refine system tuning.”

Matt Wilson, Production Manager at the Wadsworth Theatre added “We are super-happy with the results. The new installation enhances our offering to the public with the improved quality and additional levels of system control. Our guests are already noticing a huge difference in sound quality.”