Versadrive SC-26X

Take back Control

  • RMS Compressors and Peak Limiters.  
  • Dual band Dynamic EQ stage on Inputs.
  • 96 KHz sampling frequency
  • PC Software control
  • USB, Ethernet and RS485
  • Protect and survive!

Take control

To maximise the performance of any PA system – but moreover to protect it – DSP is essential.

Introducing the entry level model in the Versadrive series of DSP processors from Wharfedale Pro – SC-26X.

SC-26X replaces the long-serving SC-26 and, although listed as an entry model, the new SC-26X brings several important and practical features to loudspeaker management.

Software control

All parameters of the Versadrive can be controlled via PC.

Not only is this extremely convenient, but a clear central graphical representation of your EQ and crossover points are displayed. This also makes light work of copying channel settings and organising your presets.

Using the PC software also allows for system backups to be made.

Effects to control your rig

In the Output stage of SC-26X, the Limiters section includes RMS Compressors and Peak Limiters.  These two features on their own will be highly appreciated by customers who have experienced system damage through lack of DSP. 

Along with the time-saving ‘Automatic Gain Control’, SC-26X also has dual band Dynamic EQ’s available at its Input stages. 
These advanced EQ systems can effortlessly address issues in the source signal such as tonal imbalances or resonances.

DSP Quality

All Versadrive models features the highest quality 24-bit 96 KHz AD/DA convertors.

From input and output phase adjustment, delay timing, compression, limiting, parametric EQ, and multiple choices of HP and LP filtering, it’s easy to tweak the parameters until the system is perfectly balanced.


Model NameVersadrive SC-26X
Inputs2 x XLR socket
Outputs6 x XLR pin
Input ImpedanceBalanced : 20 KΩ
Output ImpedanceBalanced : 100 KΩ
PC PortUSB (Front panel). Ethernet and RS485 (Rear panel)
CMRR>70 dB (1 KHz)
Input range≤ +16.3 dBu
Frequency Response19.7 Hz – 20 KHz (+/- 0.5 dB)
SNR>104 dB
THD< 0.01% (Output = 0 dBu / 1 KHz)
Channel separation> 100 dB (1 KHz)
Processor32-bit processor
AD / DA converter24-bit, 96 KHz sampling frequency
Display2 x 24 LCD backlight display.  5-band LED display. Mute / Editing status
Power consumption≤ 25 W
PowerAC 110 V / 220 V  50 / 60 Hz
Dimensions – Unpacked (W x D x H)482 mm x 190 mm x 44 mm
Net Weight3.6 Kg
Dimensions – Packed (W x D x H)562 mm x 296 mm x 98 mm
Gross Weight4.5 Kg