Rockschicht Music Club – Germany

Wharfedale Pro supplies the music club Rockschicht in Viersen, Germany.

The club, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary, has recently upgraded its sound system to now include the Wharfedale Pro WLA-1 Hybrid Curvature line array system and the versatile GPL series.
The venue hosts a wide variety of events including rock shows, discos, parties and cabaret acts, so a flexible audio system was essential.

The system upgrade is made up of two flown WLA-112 elements per side and two WLA-121SUB 21” subwoofers. In addition, the GPL-5 and GPL-8 point source loudspeakers are used as infills and outfills.

Christian Boche, sound engineering Director of the Rockschicht explained “If a point source solution is not potent enough, and a large line array proves to be too complex for the job, the WLA-1 from Wharfedale Pro is just the thing.

The system is controlled and limited by the Wharfedale Pro Versadrive SC-48 FIR DSP. Christian added “The fact that everything above 500 Hz is filtered with FIR is a big step forward in terms of sound, especially compared to the old system. The sound of the WLA-1 is much more transparent and has a three-dimensional quality that I have not heard before in this price range. For budget reasons, we still operate the system with the old power amplifiers, but will gradually replace them with the Wharfedale Pro DP series.”

The Rockschicht team is looking forward to show-off this new system to their guests and performers!