Risri Hotel, Taibai Mountain, China

Elevating the luxury experience at the Risri Hotel on the Taibai Mountain, China.

Our products have recently elevated the luxurious experience at the prestigious Risri Hotel Taibai Mountain, China.

This iconic hotel, known for its unique architectural style and exceptional service quality, has chosen Wharfedale Pro to provide their audio system, marking a significant milestone in the fusion of luxury and technology.

The banquet hall at Risri Hotel Taibai Mountain, capable of accommodating up to 600 guests, now boast a DELTA-X system powered by our XR series amps. This addition ensures a pristine audio experience for meetings and banquets of all scales.

To achieve a harmonious blend of audio equipment with the hotel’s aesthetic, the sound system is respectfully integrated into the venue. All source material is also mixed with an SL-824USB mixer.