Red By Night – UK

WLA-1 system installation in the UK

IAG UK have completed a prestigious installation of a WLA-1 system into ‘Red By Night’, a vibrant live music venue in Brierley Hill, UK.

The venue hosts a wide variety of musical performances so a system that could deliver consistent coverage regardless of musical style was an important factor for the design. The venue wanted a fuller, brighter sound that their previous system.

Local installers, Sound Junkies were tasked with the project.

The system is made up of….
Front of House : 2 hangs of 3 x WLA-112
Side fills : 2 x WLA-112
Subwoofers : 4 x WLA-121SUB (discretely positioned under the stage)
Floor monitors : 6 x WLA-15MX
Amplification : 2 x DP-2200F (subs), 2 x DP-4100F (full range)

During the commissioning process, Red By Nights in house engineer said “it already sounds cleaner, louder and more focused than the previous system…. And we haven’t even EQ’d for the room yet!!!

Steve from Sound Junkies said “This is the first WLA-1 installation in the UK so it took some testing to make sure it could knock out larger systems from competitive brands. Right now, I don’t want to talk about it….I just want to listen! It’s great. Everyone is happy!”

Jeremy Adkins, National Sales Manager at Wharfedale Pro UK added “We are delighted to hear all the positive comments on the quality and performance of the installed sound coming back from artists and customers. Thanks to Red By Night for trusting in Wharfedale Pro and Sound Junkies for the slick, time restricted install. “