Control where you need it most.
Getting the right mix through your PA is the difference between a good gig and a bad gig. Being the central control point of your PA system, its important you have quick access to controls and all aspects of the sound. Our mixing desks offer just that in a wide range of formats. Small footprint USB mixers such as connect are perfect for small bands wanting to capture their live gig, while our SL Series offers a 3-band ultra music EQ, HPF and FX for that pitch perfect sound.
CONNECT SERIES Slim, small footprint USB mixers which are at home in the studio as they are on the road.
Connect 502USB
Connect 802 USB
Connect 1002FX/USB
Connect 1202FX/USB
PMX SERIES Lightweight, digital powered mixers with built in USB and FX.
PMX U700
PMX U500
PMX 500
PMX 700
PMX 710
PMX 500 System
PMX 700 System
SL SERIES Studio / live mixing consoles with built-in full duplex USB interfacing.