Comprehensive lineup
DVP-AX is a comprehensive lineup of versatile and road-ready active loudspeakers.

Class D amplification housed in ultra hard wearing cabinets make DVP-AX a perfect choice for hardworking DJ’s and musicians on the road.
Technology to the front!
The full-range models feature advanced DSP processing with 6 presets tailored to overcome many real-life sonic challenges and a practical 2 channel mic/line mixer makes life on stage easier.

The floor monitor models feature a 7-band EQ to help deliver maximum volume without feedback and a handy slave output for connecting to passive floor monitors.

While the electronics of DVP-AX set them apart from the competition, it is important not to overlook the custom Wharfedale Pro drivers in this lineup. Using dual layer LF transducers and the acclaimed IRIS compression drivers, the mechanical features of DVP-AX have not been compromised.

DVP-AX delivers advanced electronics in a user-friendly format - but in a road-ready cabinet.
MDF Construction
The cabinets of DVP-AX are constructed of MDF.

This solid, but still lightweight, material gives DVP-AX rigidity and reduces any mechanical distortion which a lesser material may introduce.

The MDF material also contributes to the overall tone of DVP-AX. It delivers a warmth and roundness to the sound, making a DVP-AX a pleasure to listen to, even at higher volumes.