Isoline Tourbags

Key Features

  • Lightweight, portable active column pa systems
  • XLR, Jack and RCA Phono inputs
  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity
  • Two systems: Isoline 410 & Isoline 812
  • Multiple high powered 3" High / Mid Drivers (4 or 8)
  • 10" / 12" long throw subwoofer
  • Rhino Rock black paint finish
  • Link multiple systems via XLR output
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Slimline formation
  • Built-in DSP
  • Isoline Tourbags Available Now
Hassle-free gigs from start to finish
The all-new Isoline Series from Wharfedale Pro is your fastest route to a professional, compact PA system. Compromising of a column formation loudspeaker interconnected with a high powered subwoofer with its own built-in amplifier and DSP, users can expect a full-range sound from a system that is easily packed down into your car boot with ease. For ultimate convenience Isoline comes complete with a built-in mixer and wireless bluetooth input. The Isoline Series is available in two different models, the Isoline 410 and the Isoline 812. The 410 column speaker compromises of 4 high powered 3” wideband drivers, covering the high/mid range with a long throw 10” subwoofer. This is perfect for corporate presentations and smaller singer-songwriter style performances. Of course, as with all Wharfedale Pro products special attention has been paid to the quality from the ground up. The Isoline Series is coated in our very own Rhino Rock finish which offers extensive protection from setting up, packing down and without doubt - entertaining the crowd. Large carry handles are suitably positioned on the subwoofer for safe and comfortable manoeuvring of the system so you can enjoy a hassle-free gig from start to finish.
Powerful, Yet Discreet
The larger Isoline 812 makes use of 8 x 3” wideband drivers combined with a larger 12” subwoofer. Extending to a lower frequency response and a higher output of 800W peak (500W RMS) the larger system applies itself to applications including for Mobile DJs and events requiring a more demanding system yet is equally portable with a discreet aesthetic. For even more power, two systems can be used in a stereo pair, or linked together via the built-in XLR output.
More Connections, Less Gear
Isolines’ built-in mixer offers complete control over 2 x XLR / Jack combi inputs (with mic and line level) plus a phono input to mix a combination of backing tracks, live vocals and instruments. In keeping with modern tech savvy DJs and engineers with wireless mixers and controllers a bluetooth input is also easily paired with your mobile device in seconds. This also gives less experienced presenters an intuitive interface between a tablet or mobile device and the PA system. Either way - Isoline offers complete convenience.