Key Features

  • 90 x 60 Elliptical Wave Guide Horn with 1.75" (44mm) titanium diaphragm driver
  • High power handling, high efficiency
  • ProTech™ Driver
  • 5 Band Graphic EQ
  • XLR / Jack Combi Input
  • XLR Output
  • Powered output for additional passive monitor
  • Durable black carpet covering

Same power, no external amplifier
The power amplifier section of the EVP-XP series uses Class A/B topology and is designed to integrate seamlessly, giving the optimum smooth performance across the range. The EVP-X12PM contains a 300W continuous / 400W peak amplifier whilst the EVP-X15PM model contains the higher rated 400W continuous / 600W peak amplifier.
Dynamic / AGC protection circuitry provides extreme protection at both the driver and the amplifier stage so the EVP-XP can be played at maximum levels over long periods without fear of system failure. The Green LED on the front of the EVP-XP illuminates when the AGC is activated, similar to the orange LED on the front of the amplifier.
Control and Expand Your Sound
The EVP-X12PM and the EVP-X15PM features a 5 band graphic equaliser accessible on the side of the unit. This allows the user more control over feedback and unwanted noise when monitoring. Both loudspeakers also have the added benefit of a ‘Speaker Out’ output which allows the user to add on or to ‘daisy chain a passive EVP-X12M / 15M into the system directly from the EVP-X15M.