Programme 30E/30ET
Programme 35E/35ET
Programme 105/105T
Programme 205/205T
Programme 206/206T
Programme 108/108T
Programme 406/406T

Key Features

  • 2-way installation speaker systems
  • Mylar, silk and titanium HF drivers used across range
  • Low distortion, high power woofers
  • High strength
  • M6 or M8 high hanging points
  • Speakon, parallel spring crimp and barrier strip inputs
  • Supplied with adjustable heavy duty steel bracket
  • Models available with 70v/100v Transformer (‘T’ model)
  • For venues including houses of worship, retail shops and other public areas
  • White finishes also available

Stylish, Compact & Discrete
The discreet and stylish appearance of the Programme Series are designed to seamlessly integrate into any architectural environment. The Series offers surface mount high fidelity solutions for commercial installation applications. Frequency response has been optimised to be smooth and natural across the vocal range for high intelligibility in difficult environments, while retaining the neutral and uncoloured sound essential for unobtrusive reproduction of background music. 100v or 70v line models are available throughout the range.
Low impedance compatibility
The Programme Series features a separate low impedance input for insertion loss free connection to a low impedance amplifier. A mode switch bypasses the secondary coil of the line transformer, eliminating insertion loss. The combination of separate input and mode switch also protects the unit from incorrect connection to a 70/100v line system in low impedance mode.
Flexible, easy installation
Lightweight and more compact enclosures make Programme Series even easier to install. From the compact, lightweight Programme 30E to the multiple drivers Programme 406, you have the flexibility you need to provide the best sound value. With the included mounting brackets, transformer option, you will be impressed with the ease of wall or ceiling mounting as well as the clear, accurate sound produced by these speakers.