Key Features

  • Combination of Condensers & Dynamic Mics
  • High tech zinc finish
  • 5 diverse models
  • Unidirectional polar responses
  • Neodymium magnets (Except KM-3)
  • Dent-resistant steel grilles
  • Single and multipacks available
  • Rugged cast Zinc alloy body
  • On/off switch
  • Gold-plated XLR connectors

5 Diverse Models
KM series are designed to provide exceptionally clear, articulate sound with excellent off-axis rejection for high gain before feedback in a live environment. The range consists of a variety of condenser and dynamic microphones. Combined the series as a whole works exeptionally well for drum kits, however each microphone performs as an individual also working as vocal and instrument mics in their own right.
Pickup the signal, not the noise
The KM Series Microphones are hand held dynamic (KM-1, KM-2, KM-4 & KM-5) super-cardioid & condenser (KM-3) cardioid microphones featuring super-cardioid & cardioid patterns to minimize feedback and to reject signals not originating in front of the microphone.
Extended Frequency Response
The microphones have extended frequency response for optimum reproduction. They are designed to provide exceptionally clear, articulate sound. A shock mounting system isolates the microphone element from external forces to greatly reduce handling noise. The well-balanced zinc-alloy die cast body ensures reliable performance in even the most demanding applications. The high sensitivity capsule picks up all of the nuances of a performance. And, the lightweight neodymium magnet provides 6dB of additional sensitivity/gain compared to other magnetic materials.
Mountable Mics
Designed for high SPL use, the KM Series Microphones are ideal for mic'ing drums or other purcussion instruments, but fit into a wide range of applications. Using the mounting brackets, you can place the KM-4 & KM-5 mics on drums and other instruments easily and with flexibility.
The Full Package
A 7 piece drum kit set (KMD-7) is available in a protective moulded case. This set, comprising 2 x KM3 overheads, 1 x KM4 Kick / Tom mics and 4 x KM5 Snare/Tom mic, and provides a high quality package solution including all mounting hardware.