Focus 12
Focus 218S
Focus 15
Focus 18S

Key Features

  • Flexible point-source passive array series
  • Suitable for many different venues and formations
  • 100° x 10° long-throw waveguide
  • Huge power handling up to 2800W Peak on speakers
  • Huge SPL capabilities up to 146dB SPL peak on subs
  • Bi-amped modes
  • Dual angle pole mount sockets
  • M10x11 & Fly Track Rigging points
  • Speakon inputs
  • Fly individually / in pairs / in array formations

Music To The Masses
With the Wharfedale Pro Focus point-source array system you now have a solution that provides not just exceptional quality sound but also a flexible cabinet and hardware configuration enabling you to meet the requirements of a wide variety of venues. Focus’s easy adaptability make it perfect for portable rentals, touring and fixed stage.
Optimized acoustic engineering
The Focus family has 4 components to choose from - a 12” and 15” PA and a 18” and twin 18” subwoofer. Focus tops and subs are superbly engineered to work together seamlessly and provide maximum efficiency. The two-way PA speakers employ a High-Q 100° x 10° long-throw waveguide horn geometry to project the sound to the back of large listening areas. All this comes together to create a point-source array system!
Sonic Impact
At peak output a single Focus-15 can pump out 135db SPL; maximum power handling is rated at 2800 watts peak. Focus subs put out an equally impressive 146dB peak SPL of pounding bass with a maximum power handing capacity of 8000 watts peak. Need more? Just double up! The Focus V-Tech side-by-side driver placement maximizes mutual coupling and boundary-effect reinforcement to move massive amounts of air and push the beat to the soul of your audience.
Focus hardware allows you to fly in a line-array configuration, fly independently and in pairs or stack PA’s on top of subs. Focus adapts perfectly to whatever challenges your venue presents you with!