Versadrive SC-24
Versadrive SC-36
Versadrive SC-48
Versadrive SC-26

Key Features

  • Digital Sound Processing
  • 6-band parametric EQ with low/high shelf
  • Limiter
  • Crossover / Filter
  • Independent processing for each output channel
  • Ultra-fast workflow
  • 30 Save slots
  • USB connection for editing settings
  • RS485 connection for remote control up to 1500m
  • Password protection for venue install
  • NEW model with FIR filtering.  SC-48 FIR

The Versadrive series offers all the digital signal processing a live sound engineer needs. Packaged into a neat 1U rack design, an intuitive and concise front panel with LCD screen enables engineers to make essential adjustments to the speaker configuration with accuracy. Versadrive takes control of all audio dynamics such as crossover, EQ and limiter. With USB and RS485 connectivity Versadrive can be networked and controlled using the supplied software directly from your PC.
Ready For Any Rig
As the name suggests, versatility has been executed into all aspects of design with balanced XLR outputs working independently for use with any combination of loudspeakers. The crossovers feature linkwitz-riley, bessel and butterworth modes all of which can be used in typical stereo crossover formations, or as individual high-pass and low-pass filters on each channel.

The output EQ offers a variety of modes including low-shelf, high-shelf and parametric with the central control making an ease of pinpointing exact frequency adjustments.
Complete Control, In The Right Hands
For complete peace of mind, limiting options combined with password locking offer complete protection. Out of the box the a Versadrive comes equipped with optimised settings for popular Wharfedale Pro loudspeaker configurations including WLA, Delta, Focus and EVP-X MKII.

Multiple memory locations make valuable time savers for the engineer who may be faced with many different environments while on tour. The ability to copy channel parameters is yet another convenience making an ultra-efficient workflow you can edit in seconds.
Expand Your Rig!
While one Versadrive is powerful in its own right, the RS485 connection opens up capabilities to link up to 250 units, with remote control from up-to 1500 metres.

Complete stadiums, superclubs or any multi-room install is now easily managed by one person on their laptop. The USB connection in and supplied software work as another visual aid with access to update your own presets for different events.