Key Features

  • 2-way reflex systems
  • Folded horn and Direct Radiating subwoofers
  • 25.4mm Titanium high frequency compression drivers
  • Low distortion, high power woofers
  • 70° x 70° High Frequency Horn
  • Multifaceted 40° x 50° durable MDF enclosure
  • 20 x M8 hanging points to facilitate safe rigging
  • NL4 & Barrier Strip speaker inputs for flexibility
  • U-shaped steel mounting bracket included
  • Install in houses of worship, shops and other public areas

Foreground music, background music and sound reinforcement
The SI-X speaker series have been designed for unobtrusive fixed installation, where sonic accuracy, detail and high SPL are essential characteristics.
Wide Coverage
Consistent voicing across the range ensures seamless coverage when using a variety of different models in distributed sound applications. All SI-X Series models feature a 1” exit compression driver on a 70 x 70 conical waveguide, providing open and detailed high frequency extension with even and predictable dispersion.
Adaptive Cabinet Design
Because of their multi-faceted design, the SI-X speakers can be positioned next to a stage, wall or ceiling. This versatility suits the SI-X series to a diverse range of applications such as live performance halls, houses of worship, schools, shops, restaurants bars and countless public places.
Formations and styles to suit any install
The SI-X Series includes full range enclosures with woofer sizes ranging from 10”, 15” with a dual 8” woofer model too. The full range enclosures are complimented by 3 subwoofers for extended low frequency response and increased SPL. Available in both black and white painted finishes, all models feature multiple m8 rigging points to suit the widest range of flown applications. Brackets are included as standard too.