Titan 8
Titan 12
Titan 15

Key Features

  • Lightweight Passive PA Series
  • Custom Heavy duty moisture-proof 8”, 12" or 15" LF drivers
  • Proprietary Wave Guide Horn design
  • High-end Titanium HF Compression Driver
  • Titan 8 available in Black, White or Grey
  • Titan 12, Titan 15 available in Black or White
  • Sophisticated Linkwitz-Riley 24dB/octave crossover design
  • Tough, yet lightweight Polypropylene molded cabinet with rubber padded handles
  • Multiple M6, M8 & M10 rigging points and integral tripod stand adapter
  • Rugged protective grille and top-stacking receptacles
  • Trapezoid shape for arrays as well as stage monitor applications
  • Titan Tourbags available
  • Available with both 1/4" and NL4 connectors provided

One of the most competent speakers pound, for pound
The Titan Series fuses affordability and of course audio fidelity into an exceptionally lightweight polypropylene cabinet. Performance is achieved across multiple platforms from music to speech for corporate events. Built around the best components, including a titanium compression driver and heavy-duty cast-frame woofer, Titan delivers the high level, even dispersion and sonic integrity usually associated with much more expensive speakers. Designed to perform in portable and fixed installation applications alike, the Titan series offers a range of multiple mounting options.
There is more demand now than ever for agile sound systems that deliver a similar experience to fixed installation ply wood cabinets. Mobile DJs and bands need to pack everything down into one vehicle while conference rooms need to cater for loud presentations where equipment can be discreet. The Titan range is designed for these applications, without faltering in sound whatsoever. Wharfedale Pro have achieved this by using state of the art, gas assist injection moulding technology, plus an internal laminar flow rib pattern, increasing rigidity and reducing its weight compared with standard injection moulded enclosures.
Indoor and Outdoor Installation
Although the product weight and rubberised handles are perfect for the mobile musician, this technology also lends itself to installations where weight is an issue, not to mention that the polypropylene material and moisture proof woofers can withstand outdoor conditions. Additional protection can be found with the Titan Tourbags, custom made speaker bags with a unzippable front panel meaning your Wharfedale Pro loudspeaker is always protected.
Our unique EWG™ design is the result of intensive computer modeling of natural acoustic wave propagation. To provide more acoustically transparent high-frequency pattern control, hard edges, corners, and parallel surfaces were eliminated from the design while still enabling 90 x 60 degree high frequency coverage. The smoother, more “organic” shape of the EWG™ design reduces high frequency distortion and diffraction eliminating acoustic artifacts found in other horn design technologies. Both HF and LF drivers are designed for maximum output, wide dispersion and precise audio signal reproduction, with an optional HF boost for long-throw capabilities.