Tourus-AX12 and Tourus-AX12-MBT

Our latest series of plastic, active loudspeakers delivering power, value and versatility.      

Introducing Tourus.

Positioned beneath the well established Titan and the flagship Typhon series, the new Tourus series are affordable, powerful and versatile.  With a 12” and a 15” version available and with “MBT” models featuring USB mp3 playback and Bluetooth connectivity with TWS stereo link mode, the new series is for anyone needing big power and features on a compact budget.
Custom WP drivers have been selected to ensure that this affordable series have the power and timbre expected from a Wharfedale Pro loudspeaker.  In addition, the amplification stages deploy both Class D (LF) and Class AB (HF) to bring power and value to this series.
With full steel grilles, multiple handles and 4 x M8 rigging points, Tourus is well suited for installations and for hard work on the road.
A new illuminated Wharfedale Pro logo badge is also proudly shown on the front so that Tourus looks as good as it sounds.

Key Features

  • 12" Bi-amplified active loudspeaker
  • 1.75" HF compression driver
  • 350 w Continuous
  • 700 w Peak
  • 4 x M8 rigging points
  • 35mm pole socket
  • 3 durable carry handles
  • RCA, XLR and jack inputs
  • Bluetooth model with TWS and internal MP3 player
  • Optional soft covers
  • 12" Bi-amplified active loudspeaker
  • 1.75" HF compression driver
  • 350 w Continuous
  • 700 w Peak
  • 4 x M8 rigging points
  • 35mm pole socket
  • 3 durable carry handles
  • RCA, XLR and jack inputs
  • Bluetooth model with TWS and internal MP3 player
  • Optional soft covers
Lets look inside.
Tourus loudspeakers use the largest HF voice coils in their class. Tourus-AX12 models use a 1.75" coil which is unique at this price point.

This custom made Wharfedale Pro compression driver delivers crisp and precise high frequencies, even at extreme volumes.

The internal amplifiers have been tuned specifically for the HF and LF drivers that we have chosen. This makes for perfect power and frequency transfer, resulting in the sonic experience that you'd expect from a Wharfedale Pro active loudspeaker.
Around the back
We were not kidding when we said that Tourus has 'multiple inputs'.

  • XLR mic input - Check!

  • Jack line input - Check!

  • XLR Line input - Check!

  • Stereo RCA inputs - Check!

    In addition, the Tourus-AX12-MBT model has....

  • USB thumbdrive input - Check!

  • Bluetooth input - Check!

    However you connect, Tourus can take it!

    . Also - Tourus has handly EQ knobs to control treble and bass.

    . These are 'simple to use controls' but, with +/- 12dB of control, this can make a huge difference to the output timbres.
  • No Fans = silent operation and high reliability
    ssssssh !

    The two amplifiers inside a Tourus are extremely efficient.

    So efficient that they can use convection cooling. This means that there are no fans!

    Fans inside loudspeakers can add to operational noise, weight, price and can lead to reliability issues. Tourus has no fan!

    Ssssssh! - Silent and reliable operation.
    Bluetooth model with MP3 player
    The Tourus-AX12-MBT model includes both BLUETOOTH and USB thumb drive inputs.

    Its quick and easy to pair your mobile device over BLUETOOTH allowing for high quality wireless audio to stream into the Tourus.

    The MBT model also features TWS pairing. Easily link two Tourus (or should that be..."Tourae"??) together - wirelessly.

    Alternatively, insert a USB thumb drive containing audio files and control backing tracks or background music with the handy transport controls.

    Multiple inputs....with maximum power output!
    Tourus not only sounds great - but looks great too!

    A new, illumated front grille logo badge adds visual power to the system!

    Eye catching and cool.
    Optional soft covers
    With soft internal padding these optional accessories are ideal for simple transportation or as a dust cover when the Tourus is not being used.

    The Tourus carry handles are easily accessible even when it is inside its Tourus Soft cover.
    Everyone loves BASS !
    A perfect subwoofer partner for a Tourus, is the T-Sub-AX15B.

    700 w Continuous 15" Quad Layer active subwoofer!

    System TypeActive 12" 2-way Bi-AmplifiedActive 12" 2-way Bi-Amplified
    Frequency Response (+/-3dB)55-20kHz55-20kHz
    Sensitivity @ 1w / 1m96dB96dB
    Maximum SPL (peak @1m)128dB128dB
    Low Frequency Transducer  
    Size (mm / inches)305mm / 12"305mm / 12"
    Coil Size (mm / inches)50.8mm / 2.0"50.8mm / 2.0"
    High Frequency Transducer  
    TypeCompression DriverCompression Driver
    Coil Size (mm / inches)44.5mm / 1.75"44.5mm / 1.75"
    Exit Size (mm / inches)25mm / 1"25mm / 1"
    Diaphragm MaterialTitaniumTitanium
    High Frequency Coverage (H x V)90° x 60°90° x 60°
    LF Power Amplifier (Class D)250w Continuous / 500w Peak250w Continuous / 500w Peak
    HF Power Amplifier (Class AB )100w Continuous / 200w Peak100w Continuous / 200w Peak
    Crossover FrequencyHI PASS 2.5kHz LOW PASS 2.5kHzHI PASS 2.5kHz LOW PASS 2.5kHz
    Equalization+/-12dB Gain for bass and treble+/-12dB Gain for bass and treble
    Power On ProtectionPower switch on / off mutePower switch on / off mute
    Thermal ProtectionAmplifier shutdown, auto resetAmplifier shutdown, auto reset
    Driver, DC and Short ProtectionYesYes
    Limiter IndicatorRed LEDRed LED
    Power IndicatorGreen LEDGreen LED
    Input typeBalancedBalanced / BT / USB
    Input Connectors2 x TRS JACK, 2 x RCA AND 2 x XLR2 x TRS JACK, 2 x RCA AND 2 x XLR
    Input Impedance47KΩ Balanced47KΩ Balanced
    Maximum Input Level5V5V
    Line Input Sensitivity-10dB-10dB
    Mic Input Sensitivity-40dB-40dB
    Line Output ConnectorMale XLRMale XLR
    Power SupplySMPSSMPS
    AC Power Options100V-120V and 220V-240V100V-120V and 220V-240V
    Power On IndicatorLED / Illuminated front logoLED / Illuminated front logo
    Rigging / Bracket / Mounting Options4 x M84 x M8
     35mm Pole-mount with lock screw35mm Pole-mount with lock screw
     3 handles (2 on sides, 1 on top)3 handles (2 on sides, 1 on top)
     Optional wall bracket (WPB-2)Optional wall bracket (WPB-2)
    Enclosure MaterialInjection Moulded PolypropyleneInjection Moulded Polypropylene
    Grille1.2mm steel1.2mm steel
    Dimensions (Unpacked)  
    Height603mm / 23.7"603mm / 23.7"
    Width - Front377mm / 14.8"377mm / 14.8"
    Width - Rear217mm / 8.54"217mm / 8.54"
    Depth347mm / 13.7"347mm / 13.7"
    Dimensions (packed)  
    Height666mm / 26.2"666mm / 26.2"
    Width430mm / 16.9"430mm / 16.9"
    Depth408mm / 16.1"408mm / 16.1"
    Net Weight (kg / lbs)15.0kg / 33.0lbs15.0kg / 33.0lbs
    Gross Weight (kg / lbs)17.0kg / 37.4lbs17.0kg / 37.4lbs