Peak Performance in the Swiss Mountains

Stagepro Veranstaltungstechnik from Pieterlen, Switzerland were seeking a new audio system for large sports events. A versatile configuration was needed to allow for both live event commentaries and for music reproduction.

The Stagepro team consulted with Sacher Music, the Wharfedale Pro distributor in Switzerland and a WLA-112 system was selected. The first event for the new system was the Unspunnen Festival which is held in Interlaken near to the ‘Top of Europe’ on Jungfrau mountain.

The festival grounds featured four major grandstands with almost 4000 seats encircling the central performance stage leading to a total audience on the day of 16000 people. System calculations and drawings were made in conjunction with Alex Lane at Wharfedale Pro.

For this Unspunnen event 20 pcs of WLA-112 were deployed, driven by 5 pcs of DP-4100N power amplifiers including redundancy. Each grandstand was covered by 5 WLA-112 elements delivering smooth coverage and sonic clarity. The system also took full advantage of the DANTE networking features of the DP-N amplifiers.

Markus Walther, Owner of Stagepro, explained that he was very happy with his decision to go with the Wharfedale Pro WLA-1 system. “The WLA-112’s delivered superb quality at a very good price. With the DP-N series amplifiers we were also able to use fibre optic cabling which made the on-site setup quick and practical.” 

He added “someone in the audience was looking for the subs…..but with the full range characteristics of the WLA-112’s and the system design ……we did not need any!

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