New – WLA-28A active array

Active array solutions

The quality and durability of the well established WLA series is now available in an active series.

  Using Class D amplification, this new series is enhanced with rear panel internal DSP using FIR presets. Ethernet control also delivers remote system management tools through a single cable.

The line-up consists of a 2 x 8” array element, two active floor monitors, a 2 x15” flown subwoofer and the 2000 W continuous WLA-218BA dual 18” subwoofer. A combination which allows for comprehensive systems to be designed, installed and toured.

The system is also compatible with the WLA-28 Common Fly Frame and WLA-28 Dolly Frame and can also be protected using the readily available WLA Series tourbags.

  • Class D amplification
  • Internal DSP presets including FIR
  • Birch plywood construction
  • Integral rigging system
  • powerCON connectivity
  • Ethernet system control
  • Matching 12″ and 15″ active floor monitors
  • The durability of the classic passive 
WLA series…..but ACTIVE !