ISOLINE Active column array

Two column array systems – discrete and powerful

  • Lightweight, portable active column pa systems
  • XLR, Jack and RCA Phono inputs
  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity
  • Multiple high powered 3″ High / Mid Drivers (4 or 8)
  • 10″ / 12″ long throw subwoofer
  • Rhino Rock black paint finish
  • Link multiple systems via XLR output
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Slimline formation
  • Built-in DSP
  • Optional ISOLINE Tour bags available


400 watts
  • 4 x 3.0″ High / mid drivers
  • 10″ long throw subwoofer
  • 400 watts continuous
  • 800 watts peak


600 watts
  • 8 x 3.0″ High / mid drivers
  • 12″ long throw subwoofer
  • 600 watts continuous
  • 1200 watts peak

The fastest route to a professional compact PA

Comprising of a column formation loudspeaker interconnected with a high powered subwoofer with its own built-in amplifier and DSP, you can expect a full-range sound from a system that is easily packed down into your car boot with ease. For ultimate convenience ISOLINE comes complete with a built-in mixer and wireless bluetooth input.  

More connections
Less gear

ISOLINEs’ built-in mixer offers complete control over 2 x XLR / Jack combi inputs (with mic and line level) plus a phono input to mix a combination of backing tracks, live vocals and instruments. 

In keeping with modern tech savvy DJs and engineers with wireless mixers and controllers a Bluetooth input is also easily paired with your mobile device in seconds. 

This also gives less experienced presenters an intuitive interface between a tablet or mobile device and the PA system. Either way – ISOLINE offers complete convenience.

What goes on tour...

Protect your ISOLINE with an optional ISOLINE tour bag.  For those on the road frequently with ISOLINE, the ISOLINE Tour bag brings added protection. Both the ISOLINE 812 Tour bag and ISOLINE 410 Tour bag packages feature a hard-wearing durable Nylon fabric and 7mm internal padding to protect your PA system while on the road. 

The ISOLINE Tour bags feature carry-handle holes and elasticated edges for safe and secure transportation. Conveniently a carry-pouch on the rear of the subwoofer is great for accessory storage too.

Making the connection

How ISOLINE 410 and ISOLINE 812 are connected

Around the back

Multiple inputs include mic, TRS line, RCA and Bluetooth.


Model NameISOLINE-410ISOLINE-812
System TypeActiveActive
Frequency Response (+/-3 dB)50 Hz-20 KHz40 Hz-20 KHz
Frequency Range (-10 dB)45 Hz-20 KHz35 Hz-20 KHz
Sensitivity Maximum SPL @1m121 dB124 dB
Low Frequency Transducer
Size ( mm / inches)254 mm / 10”305 mm / 12”
Coil Size ( mm / inches)φ51.3 / 2′φ51.3 / 2′
Impedance8 Ω4 Ω
High Frequency Transducer
Type4 x Wideband Drivers8 x Wideband Drivers
Coil Size ( mm / inches)φ32.5 / 1.3′φ32.5 / 1.3′
Diaphragm Materialpaper conepaper cone
Impedance8 Ω4 Ω
Nominal Coverage (H x V)80 Horizontal80 Horizontal
Amplifiers [footnote]
Low-Frequency Power Amplifier RMS/Peak Watts250/500 W300/600 W
High-Frequency Power Amplifier RMS/Peak Watts150/300 W300/600 W
Amplifier classclass Dclass D
Amplifier ProtectionYesYes
Power On ProtectionYesYes
Thermal ProtectionYesYes
Low Line Voltage Shut DownYesYes
Driver ProtectionIndependent LF limitersIndependent LF limiters
DC ProtectionYesYes
Short ProtectionYesYes
Clip LimiterYesYes
Limiter IndicatorLEDLED
Power IndicatorLEDLED
Input SensitivitySwitchable balanced mic or line level inputSwitchable balanced mic or line level input
Input A (Line / Mic balanced)Mic:Line:10 dBu -60 dBuMic:Line:10 dBu -60 dBu
Input B (Balanced)-10 dBu-10 dBu
input C (RCA / Bluetooth)0 dBu0 dBu
Maximum Input Level20 dBu20 dBu
Input Connector2 x XLR Jack Combi, RCA2 x XLR Jack Combi, RCA
Input ImpedanceBalanced:20 KΩ Unbalanced:10 KΩBalanced:20 KΩ Unbalanced:10 KΩ
Input A (Line / Mic balanced)22 KΩ Balanced and 11 KΩ Unbalanced22 KΩ Balanced and 11 KΩ Unbalanced
Input B (Balanced)22 KΩ Balanced and 11 KΩ Unbalanced22 KΩ Balanced and 11 KΩ Unbalanced
input C (RCA / Bluetooth)11 KΩ Unbalanced11 KΩ Unbalanced
Maximum Input Level20 dBu20 dBu
Line Output Connectorsocket XLRsocket XLR
Impedance BalancedBalanced: 50 Ω Unbalanced:100 ΩBalanced: 50 Ω Unbalanced:100 Ω
Loop Gain0dB0dB
AC Power
AC Power details
Power SupplyHigh Efficiency Switching Mode Power SupplyHigh Efficiency Switching Mode Power Supply
AC Power OptionsAC100-120V~/220-240V~,50/60HZAC100-120V~/220-240V~,50/60HZ
Power On IndicatorLimiter Indicator: Red LED
Power Indicator: Green LED
Bluetooth Pairing: Blue LED
Limiter Indicator: Red LED
Power Indicator: Green LED
Bluetooth Pairing: Blue LED
Rigging / Bracket / Mounting OptionsStandard Pole MountStandard Pole Mount
Enclosure Material and finishMDF cabinet,resistant black paint,metal grille,rubber feet handlesMDF cabinet,resistant black paint,metal grille,rubber feet handles
Colour OptionsBlackBlack
Grille Material & FinishSteelSteel
Dimensions and Weight
Dimensions – Unpacked ( mm / inches):
Height400 mm / 15.75″450 mm / 17.72″
Width350 mm / 13.78″400 mm / 15.75″
Depth500 mm / 19.69″541.9 mm / 21.33″
Dimensions – Packed ( mm / inches):
Height475 mm / 18.7″525 mm / 20.67″
Width418 mm / 16.46″468 mm / 18.43″
Depth568 mm / 18.43″613 mm / 24.13″
Net Weight (kg / lbs)20.6 kg / 45.4 lbs23.8 kg / 52.5 lbs
Gross Weight (kg / lbs)24.4 kg / 53.8 lbs28 kg / 61.7 lbs


ISOLINE series Media library

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