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Hybrid Curvature Array

3 x 12" elements per side

The coaxial design gives consistent coverage on both Horizontal and Vertical planes. 

Walk around and experience it!

EVO-Fold waveguides

EVO-Fold reduces the usual phase issues that traditional 2-way line arrays have due to them having the drive units physically some distance apart in the array. One specially-designed coaxial mid-high frequency driver is loaded to a unique EVO-Fold horn. The EVO-Fold horn combines a unique folded and manifold design. The most advanced FEM technology has been used to create this.

The high-mid energy exits produce a uniphasic sound in the widest range of frequencies. And visually, the detail of the EVO-Fold waveguide is a work of art.


plus 2 x 21" subs

The 21″ subwoofer driver is manufactured by Beyma in Europe.  In this system , we are using 2 pieces.  Can you feel that?

Extreme features… for extreme (and controllable) sub sound pressure levels.

Here's the EASE Focus 3 detail of our demonstration system


Huge Class D power in a 1U rack
4 discrete amplification channels
Internal DSP and computer control
Stable down to 2 Ω. Drive multiple speakers or line array elements
FIR filtering with 512 taps
90 V to 260 V AC working voltage
Dante ™ connectivity
70 V / 100 V compatible models
Power Factor Correction
 for increased efficiency
Comprehensive downloadable preset library

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