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Whats new at ISE 2024 ?

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Wharfedale Pro announce significant new models, solutions and systems for ISE 2024.  

From large format line arrays, through multi-channel digital amplification with DSP and on to practical active subwoofers (because, admit it, EVERYONE LOVES BASS), there is ‘something for everyone‘ with the ISE 2024 launches from Wharfedale Pro.


Using the advanced hardware technologies deployed in the WLA-210A, the new WLA-210XP is the passive variant.

WLA-210XP features custom phase plugs and our extra-ordinary EVO-Fold waveguide.  Combined, these lead to a huge reduction in the usual phase issues that traditional 2-way line arrays have due to them having the drive units physically some distance apart in the array.

T-SUB-AX Series

Everyone loves (even more) BASS.

The Wharfedale Pro T-SUB-AX15B has become a favourite around the world.  A powerful active subwoofer designed to add to any full range active tops including the Tourus, Titan and Typhon series.

But there are times when compact solutions and even more sub bass is needed.  Introducing the compact T-SUB-AX12B and the thumping T-SUB-AX18B.

Custom Wharfedale Pro subwoofer drivers result in superb subwoofer performance that complements any system.

Both models feature an adjustable Low Pass Filter around the back which allows for easy tuning to suit almost any active top.

Both models are also covered in the latest polyurea Tough-Tone paint to ensure durability, but can also be protected with optional soft cover accessories.

Hold on to your socks!     These two new T-SUB’s will blow them off!

SC-26X VersaDrive

To maximise the performance of any PA system – but moreover to protect it – DSP is essential. 

The update to the classic SC-26 Versadrive now comes with dual band dynamic EQ’s, Peak Limiters, Automatic Gain Control and All Pass filters.

Take back control!

IT'S COMPACT..... BUT.....

It really is compact but….. too big for the booth!  IMPACT-218BD – The new dual 18″ Sub.

Introducing IMPACT-X218BD, the latest addition to the IMPACT series from Wharfedale Pro.  Compact, powerful and punchy.

With two new Quad layer 3.0” voice coil drivers, IMPACT-X218BD really moves some air, with precision.  With higher SPL’s than the original IMPACT-X218B, the new IMPACT-X218BD is more compact, more powerful and delivers higher SPL’s. 

What’s not to enjoy about those maths!      
But…What is the ‘D’ for?…..


The newest member of the versatile DELTA X series – the dual 12” – DELTA X212

Designed for applications where a more compact solution is required, DELTA X212 uses a Quasi 3-way configuration to deliver punchy upper bass and improved clarity in the vocal range.

DELTA X212 has the same trusted and durable plywood construction as all other DELTA X models.  It is also covered in the latest polyurea Tough-Tone paint to ensure it always looks as good as it sounds.



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