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For fixed installation audio delivery, look out for DRONE!

A stylish design and with Wharfedale Pro sound. It’s a recipe that not only suits restaurants – but also suits all kinds of hospitality installations!

Designed with versatility in mind, the system is easily configured. A central flying 8.0” sub with 4 x 4.0” satellites or wall mounted satellites with a floor sub? Hi impedance or low impedance? Indoor or outdoor? There is a DRONE to suit that installation where appealing design and quality audio are expected.

It’s YOUR audio payload ….

safely delivered by…..DRONE


Discrete and punchy – Portable and practical!

A self-contained live sound solution for live performance. The hardest choice to make is….. ‘which model’?

‘Practicality’ was a key goal for the design team. To make an active system with features that make setups and break-downs easy. The column uses direct coupling to make connection fast. The column itself is also rotatable by +15% / -15% to ensure the output really covers the audience.



So much more than ‘simply’ another 10” active array…..the new WLA-210A system brings many new features and technologies to the party!

With the design detail required for serious fixed install or for touring, WLA-210A has been designed and engineered in the UK.


Through both electronic and software optimisation, the new DELTA-AXF12 and AXF15 models now feature internal FIR filters using ‘DNA’ harvested from the flagship WLA active line array and monitors system development.  

This FIR filtering has brought independent control of magnitude and phase, more detailed equalisation and optimisation of frequency and power response. In the end….this results in highly improved system performance.  The amplifiers have also been optimised, resulting in 800 W Continuous power.

The new DELTA-AXF models have the same solid Baltic birch plywood construction and the same custom made Wharfedale Pro drivers as their predecessors, but with the new FIR filters the sonic improvements are clear.  

The updated ‘AXF’ electronics are fully interchangeable with existing DELTA active models and can be quickly retro-fitted by Service engineers.  AXF models are also perfectly tuned to be used with the current DELTA-AX15B and DELTA-AX18B active subwoofers.


In a constant quest for performance improvements, our R&D Team have done it again.  The original Programme series have been a main-stay of installation business for over a decade, but….. its time for improvements.

The new Programme-X series brings increased SPL’s, new drivers and new physical dimensions to aid any installation configuration. Every feature has been meticulously considered to suit the fixed installation market.  

Five new models, all with high impedance 70 V / 100 V (T) options.  Available in black or white paint finish and supplied with U brackets to make the installation easy!


The new DP-4035i brings all the DNA of the DP series into a configuration which is perfect for fixed install.

A versatile amplifier solution delivering 4 channels of power to either high or low impedance systems.

The hardware is designed with installation in mind.  A tamper-proof front grille protects the channel volume controls while rear panel connections, including GPIO, use Euroblocks for easy install.   The power switch is also safely placed on the rear panel.

As with the other models in the DP series, the input sensitivity is selectable between 1V and 0.775 V to cater for almost any input source.  It is also able to deliver up to 4 x 1300 W into 2 Ohms or 4 x 765 W to a 100 V Hi-Z system.

DP-4035i also has a wide range AC input, allowing it to be used, reliably in environments where the AC supply may fluctuate.

SIGMA-X Series

A complete re-design of the classic SIGMA series of Installation loudspeakers.  7 new models with a fresh new cosmetic.

Building on the reliable performance of the established SIGMA series, the new SIGMA-X features newly designed front grilles and support materials to make the installation simply look and sound great.
Improved mounting and rigging options make SIGMA-X simple to install into almost any location.  The improved audio definition is also welcomed as SIGMA-X has been completely re-evaluated by the Wharfedale Pro International R&D team.

   New column models (Sigma-XV5 and XV9) also now feature HF compression drivers coupled to the innovative mini EVO-Fold waveguide developed for the new WLA-1 Hybrid Curvature Array system.


Need everything in one go ?

Here’s a link to a folder in OneDrive with all the press releases, images and info about Wharfedale Pro releases at ISE 2023!


Need everything in one go ?

Here’s a link to the ISE 2023 Presenter PDF