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Whats new at ISE 2022 ?

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Wharfedale Pro announce 9 significant new models and systems for ISE 2022.  

From large format line arrays, through multi-channel digital amplification with DSP and on to affordable consumer entertainment systems, there is ‘something for everyone‘ with the ISE 2022 launches from Wharfedale Pro.

More details are below…. or download the ISE 2022 PDF here. 

GPL Series

Compact cabinets and coaxial drive units engineered by Beyma make the GPL series perfect for theatre, enterprise, bars, nightclubs and live music applications.  12 new models, including bass-reflex and a band-pass subwoofer, available in either black or white finishes means that the GPL series is serious for fixed installation projects where audio quality matters.

WLA-1 Series

WLA-1 is a unique Hybrid Curvature Array.  The science behind its development has been intense, but this extreme engineering results in an extra-ordinary system with massive lows, consistent coverage and phase coherence.

The 12” and 15” elements use coaxial drivers from Beyma in Europe.  Consistent coverage on both H and V planes – while competitive traditional constant curvature two way systems do not have consistent coverage in one axis at least by design……

WLA-28A System

The quality and durability of the well established WLA series is now available in an active series.  

This new series is enhanced with rear panel internal DSP using FIR presets.  

Ethernet control also delivers remote system management tools through a single cable…..

SIGMA-X series

A complete re-design of the classic SIGMA series of Installation loudspeakers.  7 new models with a fresh new cosmetic for 2022.

Building on the reliable performance of the established SIGMA series, the new SIGMA-X features newly designed front grilles and support materials to make the installation simply look and sound great.

Improved mounting and rigging options make SIGMA-X simple to install into almost any location.  The improved audio definition is also welcomed as SIGMA-X has been completely re-evaluated by the Wharfedale Pro International R&D team.


DP-F Amplifiers

Four new amplifiers join the powerful DP Series of multi channel amps.

The new DP-F models have been engineered for mid sized venues, rental and touring applications.  

Enormous output power and stability at 2 ohms are features that already make DP amps special –  but the new DP-F models also feature Ethernet control and the FIR DSP functionality already found in the DP-N series…..

DP-4030 amplifier

The new DP-4030 is a ‘no frills’ Class D 4-channel amplifier.

DP-4030 joins as the entry level model in the DP series amplifier family.  With straight forward operation and familiar functionality, DP-4030 is perfect for fixed installations where affordable, reliable and efficient multi-channel amplification is needed.

This 1 unit rack weighs in at only 4.5 Kg but packs a powerful and manageable punch of 4 x 675 W @ 2 Ohms……

IS-48 Active Entertainment system

Portable, practical, powerful and, when needed, eye catching – the new IS-48 Active Entertainment System is a real ‘party animal’….perfect for mobile performers and entertainers.

The system is quickly constructed from 3 interlocking column elements and an 8” active subwoofer. This 8” active subwoofer unit is the heart of the system and delivers the amplification power up to the full range column element, and also hosts the versatile internal mixer and media player module……

Diamond studio monitors

Following the introduction of the Diamond Studio -BT models of studio monitors with Bluetooth, Wharfedale Pro now release the non-Bluetooth versions, Diamond Studio 7 and Diamond Studio 5.

The new Diamond Studio 5 and Studio 7 share all the same components, drivers and sonic detail as the Bluetooth models but, the visually defining black woven fibreglass composite LF drivers now bring a slim enhancement to vocal frequency clarity…..



To get the most from any PA system, external signal processing is essential.

To route, tune and to protect. The new flagship SC-48 FIR Versadrive delivers new levels of processing power and parameter control to get EVEN more from any PA system. What’s new about this model ? The clue is in the product code ! FIR Filtering !