Installation in Norway

It's a goal !

The team at Soundergy, the Wharfedale Pro distributor in Norway, have just completed a high profile installation in a large football / sports hall.

The “Raufoss Storhall” in Raufoss is an indoor facility which hosts training and football matches. It is regarded as one of the top training facilities in Norway and they demanded a system which gave a) good coverage and b) enough power to be heard above the noise of the enthusiastic crowds.

The following WP products were selected and installed.

4 x Delta X15 (against football field)

4 x Delta X12 (against tribune seating)

4 x CPD2600

1 x SC-26

2 x DM-5.0s microphones

Soundergy made EASE simulations to predict that the final installation would deliver, and that the client would be satisfied.

Thanks to the team at Soundergy.

You can download the EASE .gll files for Delta-X series HERE