Immersive Demonstrations at MIR Show, Rimini

Wharfedale Pro Immersive Demonstrations : Ravezzi 1, MIR Show, Rimini.  7th – 9th April

We are showcasing our GPL series of coaxial installation loudspeakers and our multi-channel DP-F series amplifiers in our dedicated Immersive Audio presentation space. The system uses the totally free to use spatialisation software, NESS, created by APG.

Our regular demonstrations at Live You Play in the MIR Show, Rimini, Italy showcase a wide variety of use cases for this advanced and sonically detailled system.  In addition, we have designed our presentations to highlight the practical, sonic and artistic features of spatial audio.  We are  keen to stress that it’s a great chance to explore and experience immersive solutions ….and that it’s not a classroom lecture!

Pull up a chair in Ravezzi 1 and experience Wharfedale Pro with NESS.