GPL in a kitchen – UK

The team at Wharfedale Pro in the UK were asked to provide a solution for DJ legend and event promoter Mistress Mo who was looking for a sound system to be installed in her recently renovated kitchen.

The brief was that the system must be….

1) Installed (not portable)
2) Powerful enough to provide a “club type” sound when hosting kitchen raves
3) Discreet enough when used for day to day listening and
4) To always deliver the highest possible sound quality.

With its size to power ratio, the UK team decided a GPL system made up of 4 x GPL-5, 1 x GPL-28B and powered by 1 x DP-4100F.

The dual 8 inch GPL-28B sub was concealed within a bespoke cupboard which also contained the DP-4100F Amplifier. The system, of course, used the GPL-5 FIR presets from the Wharfedale Pro Preset Library!

That’s the sound sorted. Now… what’s for dinner?!