Fountains – China

Liuzhou Jiangzhong Music Fountain in China is the world’s largest floating fountain. At 315 meters wide and 40 meters across, this dramatic light and sound fountain display has 832 high pressure water nozzles which blast powerful water jets over 100 meters into the air. It is an impressive…. and very wet attraction.

As part of a recent refurbishment, the supporting audio system of this spectacular sound and light experience, was upgraded. The Wharfedale Pro WLA-28XF line array system was selected due to its extreme weather protection, its IPX6 certification and its sonic performance across the large spectator arena.

The system is configured of 12 separate WLA-28XF array groups which have been permanently installed along the waterfront. Each array group consists of a WLA-28SUBXF dual 15” subwoofer plus 3 x WLA-28XF line array elements. Each of these groups get added weather protection from a steel external shelter.

The weather in Liuzhou City can be harsh and the area is subject to typhoons, fog and heavy rainfall. With the added water from the massive fountain, the WLA-28XF system is the ideal solution.