Explosive sound


Fireworks displays require high-powered audio and Wharfedale Pro provided the right gear to supplement a recent pyrotechnic event at Huntingdon Racecourse. The integration team at Sound Junkies deployed a Wharfedale Pro WLA-28A Active Line Array system to support one of the largest fireworks displays in the region, organised by Komodo Events in support of the Magpas Air Ambulance.

Due to the large-scale nature of the event, the WLA-28A system was deployed in three ground stacks along the 100-metre field of view. The main left and right stacks comprised 4 x WLA-28A elements and 2 x WLA-28SUBA active subwoofers, while the central stack used 4 x WLA-28A alongside 4 x WLA-218BA Dual 18” active subs. This configuration overcame the challenge of delivering extreme coverage across a wide outdoor space. Furthermore, all elements in the active system used their own internal DSP presets. The combination of Wharfedale Pro’s powerful active system alongside choreographed fireworks ensured a spectacular event, enjoyed by a crowd of thousands.

Steve of Sound Junkies explained the factors involved in an installation of this kind: “We needed a system that would be easy to transport but would deliver consistent coverage across a wide landscape. It also needed the dynamic ’grunt’ to deliver above the explosions of some very powerful fireworks. The WLA-28A active system was a great solution as we could set it up quickly with the minimum number of long cable runs. The simplicity of using the internal DSP also made the system tuning very straightforward. It’s a cliché but the system really is practical and powerful!

From the view of Wharfedale Pro, Systems and Solutions Manager Alex Lane added, “It was a pleasure to work with the Sound Junkies team to bring the WLA-28A system to such a fantastic event. The long throw speaker placement and wide audience area made for a tricky installation, but the wide dispersion system and ground stacked arrays rose to the challenge well. The best bit was to see the huge smiles from the Sound Junkies team who were impressed at the system’s sonic performance and competitive price point!

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