DSP Controller v1.1.8

Announcing a huge software update for our DP-F and DP-N series amplifiers.
DSP Controller v1.1.8 – the Windows management control software for DP-F and DP-N amps – is now available for download.

This software release delivers new features for all current models of DP-F and DP-N amps………for FREE!


  • Added input groups function. EQ, Level, Polarity and Mute
  • Added General tab for mute, delay and volume shortcuts.
  • Added Plugin for Q-SYS control.
  • Amp will start in Factory mode by default now with no need to enter a password.
  • Permissions page has been updated to have three access levels “User”, “Installer” and “Factory” with independent passwords and accessibility levels.
  • “Demo mode” replaced with “Virtual Device” page with more options and list customisation.
  • Virtual device settings can be saved and assigned to physical devices.
  • Physical devices can be saved to a virtual device.
  • “Device Mirror” page removed.
  • “Phase” now changed to “Polarity” in Output section.
  • “Save your changes” popup has now been removed when returning to home page, with settings now being automatically saved persistently.
  • IP Address can be viewed in Device View