DP-F / N Updates

From October 2023 Wharfedale Pro DP-F and DP-N series amps have HUGE UPGRADES!

The output power, the model numbers and the configurations remain the same but….., all the new DP-F and DP-N models have…..

  • Updated DSP Controller software features
  • Increased internal DSP functions
  • New IPS colour displays
  • Locking XLR connectors
  • AES / EBU inputs

The product names stay the same – but the added features are huge upgrades.

The scale and expanded feature-set of these upgrades means that not all of the new software features are backwards compatible. However users of current DP-F and DP-N series amplifiers will still benefit from multiple improvments in the DSP Control Software. Even the original DP-F and DP-N amps now gain many new features through the simultaneous release of DSP Control v1.1.8.

Learn more about the new updates to DP-F and DP-N series here