DP-4035i 4-channels of power. Perfect for fixed install.

With the DNA from our DP series, the new DP-4035i has the hardware features for installation.

  • Made for installation
  • GPIO connections
  • 4-channel operation
  • 2 Ohm stability
  • 100 V / 70 V operation
  • Low impedance operation
  • Switchable input sensitivity
  • Wide range AC input
  • PFC for increased efficiency

The new DP-4035i brings all the DNA of the DP series into a configuration which is perfect for fixed install.  A versatile amplifier solution delivering 4 channels of power to either high or low impedance systems.  

The hardware is designed with installation in mind. A tamper-proof front grille protects the channel volume controls while rear panel connections, including GPIO, use Euroblocks for easy install. The power switch is also safely placed on the rear panel.

As with the other models in the DP series, the input sensitivity is selectable between 1V and 0.775 V to cater for almost any input source. It is also able to deliver up to 4 x 765 W into 2 Ohms or 4 x 765 W to a 100 V Hi-Z system.

DP-4035i also has a wide range AC input, allowing it to be used, reliably in environments where the AC supply may fluctuate.


4 x 765 watts
2 Ohm

4 channels

8 Ohm 4 x 450 W

4 Ohm 4 x 765 W

2 Ohm 4 x 765 W

16 Ohm Bridged 2 x 900 W

8 Ohm Bridged 2 x 1530 W

4 Ohm Bridged 2 x 1530 W

100 V Hi-Z 4 x 765 W

70 V Hi-Z 4 x 450 W


The rear panel connectors allow for Remote Level adjustment.  A 10 kΩ potentiometer (not supplied) connected to the LEVEL Connectors gives remote volume control.  

All the connectors needed for quick and easy installation are included with the DP-4035i.

Removable grille

The front grille is secured with magnets and is removable.  This reduces the risk of tamper …….plus makes cleaning simple.

Power Factor Correction

Lets make this simple…. and call it PFC instead!

PFC, combined with the Switching mode power supplies inside DP series amps, increases the amplifier efficiency and regulates to ensure smooth power delivery even with huge fluctuations in the AC supply.

In the real world, it makes a big difference to amplifier performance and stability.

MODE switching

Rear panel DIP switches give access to the DP-4035i system configuration.

Switch the sensitivity between 0.775 V and 1.0 V or select the Lo-Z / Hi-Z operation mode.

70 V / 100 V Ready

In this high impedance system example, the DP-4035i can drive up to 80 pcs of i8T loudspeakers in a 100 V system (20 per channel tapped at 25 w). This configuration can also drive LESS than 80 pcs of i8T. Any number between 1 and 80 !

Required Amplifier settings –

Set DP-4035i mode switch to “High Z 100 V”

HPF is set at 40 Hz by the amplifier automatically to avoid low frequency transformer saturation.

Limiters are set automatically for 70 V or 100 V power output.

DSP limiters should also be set to the total power and impedance of the speakers connected.

Important : Before connecting the load to the amplifier, first measure the line impedance with an impedance bridge (a simple low-cost unit is adequate). If the load impedance is too low, the power amplifier will be loaded down and may overheat or distort. It’s a myth that you can connect an unlimited number of speakers to a 100 V or 70 V line.   If the load impedance measures it’s lower than the amplifier minimum operative impedance, re-tap all the speakers at the next-lower power tap.  This raises the load impedance. Measure again. 


Model DP-4035i
Rated Power (W – THD = 1%, Each channel works simultaneously with continuous sinusoidal @ 1 KHz) 8 Ω / Stereo4 x 450
4 Ω / Stereo4 x 765
2 Ω / Stereo4 x 765
16 Ω / Bridge2 x 900
8 Ω / Bridge2 x 1530
4 Ω / Bridge2 x 1530
100 V Hi-Z4 x 765
70 V Hi-Z4 x 450
Rear panel
Input ConnectorsPhoenix MC 1,5/12-ST-3,81
Remote Level control (10 Kohm) connectorsPhoenix MC 1,5/12-ST-3,81
Output ConnectorsPhoenix PC 5/8-STF1-7,62
GPIO – Remote ON/OFF – Link connectorsPhoenix MC 1,5/6-ST-3,81
Mode SwitchLO-Z, HI-Z 100 V, HI-Z 70 V, MONO-BRIDGE
Input Sensitivity Switch1 V (35 dB), 0.775 V (38 dB)
Front Panel
Signal LEDGreen / -32 dBu – Yellow / Limit – Red / Protection
Power LEDGreen / ON – Yellow / High Temperature
Level Control
THD+NTypical: 0.05%. (10% Rated Power, 8 Ω)
Cross-Talk≥90 dB (20 Hz-1 KHz, Below Rated Power)
Frequency Response Lo-Z, 8 ΩTypical:±0.5 dB (10% Rated Power, 20 Hz-20 KHz)
Hi-ZTypical:±0.5 dB(10% Rated Power,40 Hz-16 KHz)
Input Impedance20 kΩ (Balanced),10 kΩ (Unbalanced)
Damp FactorTypical:300 (20 Hz-200 Hz, Lo-Z, 8 Ω)
SNR≥100 dB (A weighted, 20 Hz-20 KHz, 8 Ω)
Main Power100~240 V AC ±10%,50/60 Hz
ProtectionUnder voltage, DC, Over temperature, Limiter, Overload, Short.
Net Size483 x 45 x 370 mm (W×H×D)
Net Weight8.4 kg