DP-2200 in a 100 V system

Of course, DP series can happily run at 2 Ohms…..but some models can also drive 70 V and 100 V systems.

In this high impedance system example, the DP-2200 (DP-2200F / DP-2200N) can drive up to 100 pcs of i8T loudspeakers. This configuration can also drive LESS than 100 pcs of i8T. Any number between 2 or 100 !

Important : Before connecting the load to the amplifier, first measure the line impedance with an impedance bridge (a simple low-cost unit is adequate). If the load impedance is too low, the power amplifier will be loaded down and may overheat or distort. It’s a myth that you can connect an unlimited number of speakers to a 100 V or 70 V line. If the load impedance measures it’s lower than the amplifier minimum operative impedance, re-tap all the speakers at the next-lower power tap. This raises the load impedance. Measure again.