Monitors with BLUETOOTH

  • Honest, uncoloured sound
  • Bluetooth input with TWS stereo linking 
  • Balanced inputs – XLR, 6.3 mm combi jack
  • RCA stereo inputs
  • Class D Bi-amplified.
  • Woven fibreglass composite LF cones

Home studios are not only for hard work – but they can also be for fun!

The new Diamond Studio BT monitors are high quality studio monitors, with the sonic detail required for intricate audio work, but they also have a Bluetooth input which allows these professional monitors to also be used in a home entertainment environment.

Diamond Studio BT series bring together craftsmanship, refined detail and wireless technology.

The low frequency driver cone is made of woven fibreglass. This material is extremely rigid and lightweight compared to alternative paper-based cones. Fibreglass cone material delivers superb low frequency dynamic response and, importantly for studio monitoring, a very fast transient response.

A practical feature is the inclusion of a Bluetooth input. This makes it simple to connect using a mobile device for checking mixes or, just for entertainment. It’s also possible to pair two Diamond Studio BT models together, wirelessly using the TWS (True Wireless Stereo) system.

Internally, there are 2 discrete amplifiers. This bi-amplification ensures that the amp stage is perfectly matched with the dedicated High Frequency and Low Frequency driver. 

With dedicated “HF Level” and “LF Level” rear panel controls, the Diamond Studio BT can also easily be tailored to personal taste or room acoustics too.

Diamond Studio BT monitors have been engineered to be accurate. Not to colour or to flatter the overall sound, but to be honest, transparent and to reveal hidden detail.


140 watts
  • 5.0″ Active bi-amplified studio monitor
  • 140 watts continuous
  • 280 watts peak
  • 110 dB Max SPL @ 1 M


150 watts
  • 6.5″ Active bi-amplified studio monitor
  • 150 watts continuous
  • 300 watts peak
  • 113 dB Max SPL @ 1 M


Using the BT Stereo link mode, 2 units of Diamond Studio BT create their own Stereo linked pair.  

Diamond Studio BT use TWS (True Wireless Stereo) technology to create a controllable linked pair of speakers from a single Bluetooth input.


Diamond Studio -BT monitors are designed to be super accurate.  

Experience every nuance… or even every problem with your mix.  Diamond Studio BT are honest.

A great mix is still a great mix.  A bad mix, is still a bad mix. 

Either way, Diamond Studio -BT will let you hear the reality.


Model NameDiamond Studio 5-BTDiamond Studio 7-BT
System TypeActive 5” 2-way Bi-AmplifiedActive 6.5” 2-way Bi-Amplified
Freq. Range (-10 dB) Analog Input45 Hz-25 KHz38 Hz-25 KHz
Maximum SPL (peak @1 m)110 dB113 dB
LF Transducer5″ Fiberglass composite woofer6.5″ Fiberglass composite woofer
HF TransducerSilk Soft dome tweeterSilk Soft dome tweeter
Coil Size (mm / inches)25.4 mm / 1”25.4 mm / 1”
High Frequency Coverage (H x V)135° x 110°135° x 110°
Total Power Amplifiers140 W150 W
Low-Frequency Power Amplifier (Class D)80 W Continuous / 160 W Peak90 W Continuous / 180 W Peak
High- Frequency Power Amplifier (Class D )60 W Continuous / 120 W Peak60 W Continuous / 120 W Peak
Electronic Crossover:
Crossover Frequency2.2 KHz2.2 KHz
Equalization (dB)HF / LF Level Adjust (-2, 0, +1 ,+2)HF / LF Level Adjust (-2, 0, +1 ,+2)
System Volume -∞ to +10 dB -∞ to +10 dB
Amplifier ProtectionYesYes
Power On ProtectionPower switch on / off mutePower switch on / off mute
Thermal ProtectionAmplifier shutdown, auto resetAmplifier shutdown, auto reset
Driver, DC and Short ProtectionYesYes
Limiter IndicatorRed LEDRed LED
Power Indicator Green LED/white LED (LOGO) Green LED/white LED (LOGO)
Input typeBalanced / Unbalanced / BluetoothBalanced / Unbalanced / Bluetooth
AC Power Options100 V-240 V100 V-240 V
Power On IndicatorLEDLED
Cabinet MaterialMDFMDF
Cabinet Colourblackblack
Dimensions (Unpacked):
Height290 mm /11.42 in340 mm /13.39 in
Width180 mm /7.1 in210 mm /8.27″
Depth240 mm /9.45 in260 mm /10.24″
Dimensions (packed):
Height350 mm / 13.78 in400 mm/15.75 in
Width242.5 mm / 9.55 in272 mm/ 10.71 in
Depth303 mm / 11.93 in325 mm / 12.80 in
Net Weight5.62 kg /12.4 lbs6.84 kg / 15.1 lbs
Gross Weight6.47 kg / 14.2 lbs7.82 kg / 17.20 lbs