DELTA-AXF Making the dif-FIR-ence

Active plywood loudspeakers – with internal FIR DSP

  • Internal FIR signal processing
  • Proven ‘DELTA Active’ reliability
  • Practical ‘DELTA Active’ design
  • Retro-fittable electronics
  • Compatible with DELTA active subwoofers
  • Increased Continuous Power.  Now 800 Watts

We just can’t help making things better. We are always looking for improvements that can be made. Our R&D team cannot stop taking everything that they see to pieces. They try different components, they update algorithms and they explore different physical system configurations. Dismantling…..measuring….testing….measuring……but then a break through comes.

Their work has now unlocked the true potential of the DELTA Active full range models which have been a trusted and reliable audio solution since their introduction in 2014.

Through both electronic and software optimisation, the new DELTA-AXF12 and AXF15 models now feature internal FIR filters using ‘DNA’ harvested from the flagship WLA active line array and monitors system development. This FIR filtering has brought independent control of magnitude and phase, more detailed equalisation and optimisation of frequency and power response. In the end….this results in highly improved system performance. The amplifiers have also been optimised, resulting in 800 W Continuous power.

The new DELTA-AXF models have the same solid Baltic birch plywood construction and the same custom made Wharfedale Pro drivers as their predecessors, but with the new FIR filters the sonic improvements are clear. The updated ‘AXF’ electronics are fully interchangeable with existing DELTA active models and can be quickly retro-fitted by Service engineers. AXF models are also perfectly tuned to be used with the current DELTA-AX15B and DELTA-AX18B active subwoofers.


800 watts
  • 12″ two-way bi-amplified active loudspeaker
  • 800 watts Continuous power
  • 1600 watts Peak power
  • 90° x 45° dispersion
  • 2″ HF Compression driver
  • 3″ LF voice coil
  • Advanced Internal FIR DSP 
  • 130.5 dB Max SPL @ 1 meter


800 watts
  • 15″ two-way bi-amplified active loudspeaker
  • 800 watts Continuous power
  • 1600 watts Peak power
  • 90° x 45° dispersion
  • 2″ HF Compression driver
  • 3″ LF voice coil
  • Advanced Internal FIR DSP 
  • 131.5 dB Max SPL @ 1 meter


The graph shows phase response. 

Frequency is on the X axis and time (expressed in degrees) is on the Y axis.

Birch PLywood

Delta-AXF models use premium Baltic birch plywood construction.

Not only does this create a solid and durable cabinet, but it also contributes to the overall sound and character.

Delta-AXF is also covered in our most durable and hard wearing black paint finish. This ensures that a Delta-AXF will always look as good as the day you unboxed it.

routed logo

Delta-AXF features a routed Wharfedale Pro logo.

It is also a logo to be proud of. A logo that lets your audience know that the sound of your even will be of the highest possible quality.


Delta-AXF12 and Delta-AXF15 are perfectly matched with the Delta-AX15B and Delta-AX18B subwoofers.

Full Range

Delta-AXF12 and Delta-AXF15 use 2 x Class D amplifiers.  These are specifically tuned and selected to be the perfect match for the HF and LF drivers inside.

With multiple analogue inputs, Delta-AXF full range models are ready to connect to whatever signal source you have.

Durable black paint
finish to endure the rigours of the road

2 x Class D amplifiers
supply precise power to the drivers.

2 x comfortable
handles for  

2 channel mixer.  
Channel 1 is mic/line selectable.  
Channel 2 has RCA inputs,
Balanced XLR or Balanced jack inputs

Internal FIR filters.  Unseen....
but definitely heard!

Analogue EQ controls
for hands-on
system tweaking

Balanced line output
for easy linking
to other active loudspeakers
in the system

6 x M10 rigging
points makes
installation simple


System TypeActive 12” 2-way Bi-AmplifiedActive 15” 2-way Bi-Amplified
Frequency Response (+/-3 dB)60 Hz – 20 KHz50 Hz – 20 KHz
Frequency Range (-10 dB)55 Hz – 20 KHz45 Hz – 20 KHz
Calculated Maximum SPL @1m130.5 dB131.5 dB
Low Frequency Transducer – Size ( mm / inches)332 mm / 12″404 mm / 15″
Coil Size ( mm / inches)75 mm / 3″75 mm / 3″
Impedance4 Ω4 Ω
High Frequency Transducer – TypeCompression DriverCompression Driver
Coil Size ( mm / inches)51.2 mm / 2″51.2 mm / 2″
Exit Size ( mm / inches)35.6 mm / 1.4″25 mm / 1”
Diaphragm MaterialTitaniumTitanium
Impedance8 Ω8 Ω
Nominal Coverage (H x V)90° x 45°90° x 45°
Amplifier DesignClass DClass D
Power Rating:1600 W Peak (1400 W LF +
200 W HF), 800 W Continuous
(700 W LF + 100 W HF)
1600 W Peak (1400 W LF +
200 W HF), 800 W Continuous
(700 W LF + 100 W HF)
Power On ProtectionPower Switch On/Off MutePower Switch On/Off Mute
Thermal ProtectionAmplifier Shut Down. Auto ResetAmplifier Shut Down. Auto Reset
Low Line Voltage Shut Down80% Nominal Line Voltage80% Nominal Line Voltage
Driver ProtectionIndependent LF and HF LimitersIndependent LF and HF Limiters
DC and Short ProtectionYesYes
Clip LimiterTurns on Approx 600 W OutputTurns on Approx 650 W Output
Limiter IndicatorRed LEDRed LED
Power IndicatorGreen LEDGreen LED
Input A – typeSwitchable Balanced Mic or Line Level InputSwitchable Balanced Mic or Line Level Input
Input SensitivityMic:-40 dBu Line:0 dBuMic:-40 dBu Line:0 dBu
Maximum Input Level22 dBu22 dBu
Input ConnectorXLR 1/4〞Combo jack / 2 x RCAXLR 1/4〞Combo jack / 2 x RCA
Input ImpedanceBalanced:20 KΩ Unbalanced:10 KΩBalanced:20 KΩ Unbalanced:10 KΩ
Line Output ConnectorSwitchable LOOP/MIX Balanced pin XLR ConnectorSwitchable LOOP/MIX Balanced pin XLR Connector
Impedance BalancedBalanced: 200 Ω Unbalanced:100 ΩBalanced: 200 Ω Unbalanced:100 Ω
Loop GainMic:69 dB, Line:29 dBMic:69 dB, Line:29 dB
AC Power details – Power SupplyHigh Efficiency Switching Mode Power SupplyHigh Efficiency Switching Mode Power Supply
AC Power OptionsAC100-120 V~/220-240 V~,50/60 HzAC100-120 V~/220-240 V~,50/60 Hz
Hardware – RiggingM10 x 6M10 x 6
Pole MountDual Angle (0⁰ or 10⁰) 35 mm Pole SocketDual Angle (0⁰ or 10⁰) 35 mm Pole Socket
Enclosure Material and finish15 mm Plywood15 mm Plywood
Colour OptionsBlack PaintBlack Paint
Grille Material & Finish1.5 Steel 1.5 Steel
Unpacked dimensions – Height640 mm / 25.2″700 mm / 27.56″
Width (Front)390 mm / 15.35″446 mm / 17.56″
Width (Back)241.2 mm / 9.5″281.4 mm / 11.08″
Depth373 mm / 14.69″406 mm / 15.98″
Packed Dimensions – Height745 mm / 29.3”803 mm / 31.6”
Width (Front)566 mm / 22.3”638 mm / 25.1”
Width (Back)328 mm / 12.9”366 mm / 14.4”
Depth464 mm / 18.3”498 mm / 19.6”
Net Weight ( kg / lbs)26.5 kg / 58.3 lbs30.5 kg / 67.1 lbs
Gross Weight ( kg / lbs)30.0 kg / 66.0 lbs35.4 kg / 77.9 lbs