DELTA-AX SUBS Active evolution

Active plywood subwoofers

  • Class D amplified active subwoofers
  • Custom Wharfedale Pro transducers
  • Premium Baltic Birch plywood construction
  • Low Pass filter controls
  • 4-way rubberised handles
  • Large voice coils
  • Impressive SPL figures
  • For install or on the road

Wharfedale Pro DELTA Series can be seen and heard around the world. Day in, day out, DELTA loudspeakers deliver the sound for the most demanding of performers and venues. DELTA loudspeakers have earnt their own reputation as a leading series of active and passive loudspeakers.

October 2019 sees the latest evolution of the DELTA active models. The new DELTA-AX series of active loudspeakers.

Using the same well-proven custom made drivers and the same premium Baltic birch plywood construction as previous DELTA active models, the new family boasts improved amplification electronics to deliver exceptional power….AND reliability.

Need to spot the difference between an original DELTA active and the new DELTA-AX series? The new series are proudly sporting the iconic Wharfedale Pro logo, embossed into the top surface and they come with an eye-catching swing tag. In addition, a full cloth front grille protects the advanced drivers from moisture, insects and dust.

Four familiar models but now with iconic design and improved electronics. “Pro-active Improvements”


900 watts
  • 15″ active subwoofer
  • Low pass filter control
  • Hi Pass link outputs
  • 42 Hz – 200 Hz Frequency response
  • 180° phase switch
  • 4″ LF voice coil
  • 900 watts Continuous
  • 1800 watts Peak
  • 130 dB Max SPL @ 1m 


1000 w
  • 18″ active subwoofer
  • Low pass filter control
  • Hi Pass link outputs
  • 38 Hz – 200 Hz Frequency response
  • 180° phase switch
  • 4″ LF voice coil
  • 1000 watts Continuous
  • 2000 watts Peak
  • 132 dB Max SPL @ 1m

Birch PLywood

Delta-AX subwoofers use premium Baltic birch plywood construction.

Not only does this create a solid and durable cabinet, but it also contributes to the overall sound and character.

Delta-AX subs are also covered in our most durable and hard wearing paint finish. This ensures that a Delta-AX will always look as good as the day you unboxed it.

routed logo

Delta-AX subs feature a routed Wharfedale Pro logo.

This fresh design helps to distinguish between the original Delta-A models and the updated Delta-AX models.

It is also a logo to be proud of. A logo that lets your audience know that the sound of your even will be of the highest possible quality.


The 15″ and 18″ active subwoofers use a single Class D amplifier to drive the LF transducer.

Inside the Delta-AX subwoofers is a highly efficient Class D amplifier.

The amplifier has been perfectly matched to the custom low frequency driver. This perfect combination leads to maximum efficiency and supreme output SPL.


System TypeActive 15” SubwooferActive 18” Subwoofer
Frequency Response (+/-3 dB)42 Hz – 200 Hz38 Hz – 200 Hz
Calculated Maximum SPL @1 m130 dB132 dB
Low Frequency Transducer
Size (mm / inches)
404 mm / 15″470 mm / 18″
Coil Size (mm / inches)101.6 mm / 4″101.6 mm / 4″
Impedance8 Ω8 Ω
Low-Frequency Power Amplifier RMS900 w (Class D)1000 w (Class D)
High-Frequency Power Amplifier RMSNANA
Amplifier ProtectionYesYes
Power On ProtectionPower switch on/off mutePower switch on/off mute
Thermal ProtectionAmplifier Shut Down. Auto ResetAmplifier Shut Down. Auto Reset
Low Line Voltage Shut Down80% Nominal Line Voltage80% Nominal Line Voltage
Driver ProtectionYesYes
DC and Short ProtectionYesYes
Clip LimiterTurns on Appro x 900 w OutputTurns on Appro x 1000 w Output
Limiter IndicatorRed LEDRed LED
Power IndicatorGreen LEDGreen LED
Input A – typeBalancedBalanced
Input SensitivityLine:0 dBuLine:0 dBu
Maximum Input Level22 dBu22 dBu
Input ConnectorTRS jack and socket XLRTRS jack and socket XLR
Input ImpedanceBalanced:20 KΩ Unbalanced:10 KΩBalanced:20 KΩ Unbalanced:10 KΩ
Line Output Connectorpin XLR Connectorpin XLR Connector
Impedance BalancedBalanced: 200 Ω Unbalanced:100 ΩBalanced: 200 Ω Unbalanced:100 Ω
Loop Gain0 dB0 dB
AC Power details – Power SupplyHigh Efficiency SMPSHigh Efficiency SMPS
AC Power OptionsAC100-120 V~ / 220-240 V~,50/60 HZAC100-120 V~ / 220-240 V~,50/60 HZ
Power On IndicatorGreen LEDGreen LED
Hardware – Rigging
Enclosure Material and finish15 mm Plywood15 mm Plywood
Colour OptionsBlack PaintBlack Paint
Grille Material & Finish
Unpacked dimensions – Height471 mm / 18.54″539 mm / 21.22″
Width (Front)471 mm / 18.54″539 mm / 21.22″
Width (Back)471 mm / 18.54″539 mm / 21.22″
Depth600 mm / 23.62″650 mm / 25.59″
Packed Dimensions – Height556 mm / 21.89″624 mm / 24.57″
Width (Front)672 mm / 26.46″722 mm / 28.43″
Width (Back)672 mm / 26.46″722 mm / 28.43″
Depth543 mm / 21.38″611 mm / 24.06″
Net Weight (kg / lbs)33.1 kg / 72.82 lbs38.4 kg / 84.48 lbs
Gross Weight (kg / lbs)36.7 kg / 80.74 lbs44.3 kg / 97.46 lbs