commercial install

Commercial installations include shopping malls, educational establishments, sports bars and even gyms.  With a wide range of suitable loudspeakers, amplifiers and DSP, below are some suggested series of Wharfedale Pro models which give peace of mind for a reliable and impressive installation.


Programme-X Series
Discrete and trusted - Available in black, white and with 70v/100v models. All supplied with bracket hardware.
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I series
IP54 Certified ABS plastic install loudspeakers. 8.0", 6.5" and 4.0". Black or white, with mounting brackets.
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GPL Series
Compact cabinets & coaxial drive units engineered by Beyma make GPL series perfect for theatre, enterprise, bars, nightclubs and live music applications.
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Versatile IP54 certified plastic passive loudspeakers. 8", 12" and 15" a variety of colours.
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Affordable, versatile PA with multiple inputs. Also includes the MBT models with Bluetooth and TWS.
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A legendary series of plastic active loudspeakers for installation or on the road.
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Our flagship plastic active series. Internal DSP, Bluetooth options and huge power output.
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CPD Series
Value for money, durable amps with power ratings to suit all applications.
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DP-N Series
Advanced multi-channel Class D amplifiers, with internal DSP, FIR Filters, Dante ™ and 2 Ohm stability
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DP Series
With huge power and 4-channel models, DP series are the driving force behind large installations and complex line array systems. Stable at 2 Ohms too!
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