From huge nightclubs to party and entertainment spaces, here is a selection of our products that will make the install perfect.  The crowd will really appreciate both the overall power of the system and the detail of the music.


WLA-25 System
Dual 5" line array system with matching fly-able subwoofer.
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WLA-28 System
Dual 8" array with matching 15" subwoofer options
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WLA-210X System
Our dual 10" line array system with passive and bi-amp modes
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3-way line array system - packed with performance.
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POint source passive LOUDSPEAKERS

Powerful and plywood! Delta-X deliver huge SPL with versatile configurations.
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The flagship point source loudspeaker system. 15", 12" full range, a 12" monitor and huge 18" subs
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With newly designed drivers, REASON-X will fill the space with sound. Massive 18" subs with 4.0" voice coils make the ground tremor.
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Super subs

Folded horn 18" passive subwoofer with the power to throw the bass further and harder than you can imagine.
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Everyone loves BASS !
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CPD Series
Value for money, durable amps with power ratings to suit all applications.
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DP-N Series
Advanced multi-channel Class D amplifiers, with internal DSP, FIR Filters, Dante ™ and 2 Ohm stability
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DP Series
With huge power and 4-channel models, DP series are the driving force behind large installations and complex line array systems. Stable at 2 Ohms too!
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