A NEW THREE-WAY SYSTEM - with matching subs.

Built exclusively to deliver incredible sonic definition at high volumes, Reason-X series brings new concepts and new qualities to become the premium pro audio loudspeaker series in the Wharfedale Pro portfolio.
The full range models (X12 and X15) feature an all-new Polyethylene flat diaphragm neodymium HF.  This highly engineered Z38 HF compression driver brings extreme HF clarity.   Enormous cooling fins disperse the heat generated and the unique 1.5 inch ring-shaped polyethylene flat diaphragm delivers a precious feeling of space and air to high frequencies.
The 100° x 70° waveguide is also rotatable, making Reason-X suitable for high quality installations and touring.
The mid-range comes from a custom Wharfedale Pro 8” driver with an aluminium basket and ferrite magnet and it delivers a warmth and clarity.  Meanwhile, the LF driver boasts a 3.0” voice coil and large φ190mm ferrite magnet.  This 3-way combination gives the Reason series full range models a frequency response and audio definition that simply has to be experienced.
The series is completed by 2 subwoofers.  A single 18” and a floor destroying 148 dB Max SPL dual 18”.  New LF drivers have been created which feature NOMEX spiders for extreme suspension and durability.  4.0” voice coils and a newly designed aluminium basket make these LF transducers impossible to describe in words - they need listening to instead!
All models are constructed of premium baltic birch and use thick steel front grilles for extreme durability.
Put simply…3 is better than 2 !
  • 12” and 15” full range 3-way models
  • All new Z38 PE HF Compression drivers
  • 8.0” mid range 
  • 3.0”  LF coils with φ190mm ferrite magnet s
  • 2 models of 18” Sub-sub-woofers
  • NOMEX subwoofer spiders
  • Premium baltic birch construction
  • Dust proof foam behind front grilles
Learn more about Reason-X HERE