5 nights in Tzekane with the WLA-28

Audiosure, the Wharfedale Pro Distributor in South Africa, takes centre stage as HardDrive Productions impress at a 5 night event in Tzekane.

At front of house, 20 x Wharfedale Pro WLA-28 Line Array Modules were suspended from their flying frames.  All were powered from Wharfedale Pro CPD 3600 amplifiers - with 4 cabinets bridged per amp.


The main system was processed by the Wharfedale Pro SC-26 Versadrive Digital Matrix Processor.  The configuration was a 9 per-side hang with 2 units on the stage as side front fills. The Wharfedale Delta range were used as delay clusters and were driven by their own SC-26 Versadrive to handle the crossovers and delay time. 

In total, there were 29 inputs into the front of house mixer.  This mixer provided 6 monitor sends out as well as the matrix out to control the delay clusters which were set on post mix from the main output from the desk.

Rhyno from Harddrive had the following to say.

"I have a big stack system but was looking for a line array to supply the array demand. I am on a very tight budget and was excited when I heard that Audiosure was bringing in a Wharfedale Pro Line Array (for under R15 000 per cab) at the time."

"I had a listen to it at the recent dealer evening when they had Jesse Clegg demo it. I was impressed with the level it produced as a 400W cab. There are better systems out there but when it comes to price per watt  - I think this is a winner."

"Getting the system set up was quick with no complications and was very straight forward. The flying brackets have holes all over that make rigging it a breeze. When I put it all together on my first event and put it on I could not stop smiling. The tweeters are crisp and clear. I love this system and can’t wait for my shows coming up again to show them off."

"I would recommend it and there is definitely a market for it if you want good sound on a small budget. Come to think of it I don’t think there is anything else at this cost that is as capable"


Audiosure thanks Rhyno for ongoing support and we wish you many happy events to come.