Wharfedale Pro releases 3 new system setups for their Versadrive SC-26 DSP controller

Painstakingly created by real-world users of the Wharfedale Pro WLA line array system, these new system setups include the detailed parametric EQ, compression, delay and output routing parameters needed tospeed up complex system tuning. 

There are 3 different system configuration files:

1 - 3-way
Constructed for systems using WLA28, WLA15B and Focus218S subwoofers.
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2 - 2-way
A stereo 2-way configuration for the WLA28 and WLA15B subwoofer.
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3 - Biamp2-way+Sub
A more detailed configuration for when the WLA28’s run in their bi-amped mode.
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Although these setups have been voiced for the Wharfedale Pro WLA line array system, they can easily be tweaked to suit other PA systems and configurations either through the front panel of the Versadrive or through the PC editor software.
The files are available in a native format for the Versadrive PC editing software and can also be downloaded Here.