Top 5 Ways To Use A Titan

The Wharfedale Pro Titan Series is probably the most versatile loudspeaker range on today’s market. Available in a passive and active models which utilise our Qubit DSP technology, not only do they sound great but the shape, weight and the mounting options mean that the speakers will perform in many different environments and applications. Here’s some of the most popular ways people are getting the most out of their Titan speakers:

1. Mobile DJs:

It’s Christmas season, which of course means it’s time to party. Many mobile DJs will be stacking up bookings and preparing their Christmas playlists, however it’s going to be a lot of effort setting up and packing down. Luckily the Titan Series are built for the road. Not only will they take more than a knock or two on setting up but more importantly they’re light weight with conveniently placed rubberised carry handles to get out the back of the van and onto the main stage.

Recommended: Titan 15D – the 15” woofer will handle the full range of sound without necessarily needing a sub. Active means you just plug straight in from your mixing desk or DJ controller. Plug them in and get the crowd dancing in seconds!

DJ Tutor Reviews The Titan 12D:



2. Band Monitoring:

At a first glance the Titan is easy on the eye, but most people expect to see it placed in the upright position. If you get down to your local Wharfedale Pro Dealer and have a closer look at the cabinet you’ll find that the cabinets trapezoid shape means it fits neatly on its side pointed at the optimum positioning for stage floor monitoring.

Recommended: Titan 12D – The 12D is the perfect size for non-obtrusive stage monitoring. Conveniently the Titan D series has a balanced XLR output so the mix feed can be sent to other speakers on the stage without the need for extra outputs on your mixing desk.


3. Themed / Seasonal Parties

White Titan speakers make a perfect match for a white wedding or a winter wonderland. The speakers can be placed all around your venue without spoiling your theme going unnoticed to the eye whilst being heard loud and clear.

Reccomended: The Titan Passive Series are all available in black or white finishes. Perfect for Christmas parties, or outdoor pool parties in the summer.

An Outdoor Pool-side wedding party featuring white Wharfedale Titan 12D, submitted via Facebook:


4. Fixed installation:

We already know that the Wharfedale Pro Titan series are lightweight for mobile use. This lightweight characteristic also means it can be safely wall mounted too, perfect for bar areas and other installations including gyms.

Recommended: Titan 8 Passive will fit in snugly into the corners of your bar area. Ask your Wharfedale Pro dealer about our series of wall mount brackets to permenantly install the speakers into your venue. (WPB-1 / WPB-2). With moisture proof woofers the Titan Series can also be installed outside 

5. Corporate Events:

For corporate events where a little extra volume is needed in your voice Titan is a very simple way of getting yourself heard. We understand that not everyone has sound engineer expertise which is why in particular the Titan Active Series is so easy to use.

Recommended: Plug a wireless microphone system directly into the Titan 8AMKII, plug in the speaker and get heard loud and clear. The speaker also has a built-in 2 band EQ so you can reduce the bass and tweak the high-end perfect for vocal clarity.

Wharfedale Pro Titans Installed at the HCRG Roller Derby in Hamilton, Canada, Submitted via Facebook


This is just scratching the surface on the versatile nature of the Titan Series. On the road, on the stage or installed it’s built to perform! Let us know how you are using your Titan Speakers on Facebook and Twitter too!