Beamont Collegiate Academy – UK

White Titans are ‘completely right’ for installation


As part of a multi-million pound project, Beamont Collegiate Academy in Warrington, UK have opened their impressive new sports facilities.  

This expansive development contains a large fitness suite and a spacious dance studio for the students.

The large multipurpose spaces demanded loudspeakers with good sound coverage. The Academy wanted their students to experience music with clarity and full range, but they also needed a cosmetic design to fit in with the modern surroundings.  

The Academy therefore selected and installed Wharfedale Pro Titan 12’s which delivered the essentials of sound quality and visual design.

The installation is made up of 6 pairs of passive Titan 12’s which now give full coverage in these new spaces.  White models were selected to blend in with the style of the modern facilities.

 Students, visitors and teaching staff have all been delighted with the result.