About Us

Part Of IAG Group LTD

Founded in Hong Kong in 1991, IAG group LTD represents some of the oldest and most respected brands in the hi-fi and electronics world in its portfolio.

In 1997, the group acquired Wharfedale and while growing and diversifying its product line, Wharfedale Pro was developed as a brand within its own right to meet the growing, demanding needs of the sound reinforcement market. The groups internationally recognised hi-fi brands include Wharfedale, Quad, Audiolab, Mission, Luxman, Leak and Castle, with additional pro-audio and lighting brands including COEF, F.A.L and Quad Industrial too.

China is the centre of operations for IAG. The new manufacturing site now in Jian, Jang Xi Province covers and area of approximately 400,000 square metres in size with complete 'raw-material to finished goods' manufacturing processes for loudspeakers and electronics.

IAG has flourished since its inception through a strict policy of vertical integration. Our inward investment extends to a fully-equipped tool shop enabling on-site prototyping and development – essential for continued growth. From our manufacturing in China, we supply products directly to over 100 countries worldwide through a simple and well organised supply-chain.

Today we design, tool and manufacture over 95% of all our products' constituent components. We produce more parts of our own speakers than any of our competitors and this trend continues through out brand portfolio. The group continues to stay at the forefront of loudspeaker research, design, technology and innovation to manufacture high quality audio systems. This makes IAG one of the leading audio/visual manufacturers in the world.