About Us


Wharfedale Pro has a heritage built on supreme quality audio spanning back to the 1930s. Founded by Gilbert Briggs in 1932, Wharfedale was initially a home hi-fi loud speaker manufacturer, and still is today as a separate brand.

Gilbert Briggs built his first loudspeaker in a cosy market town located in the valley of the river Wharfe, an area known today as 'Wharfedale' a somewhat unlikely town for one of the largest speaker brands around.

His ear for detail in creating an exceptionable loudspeaker was not only thanks to technical knowledge but a passion for great music – he was himself an adept pianist. His first creations also won first and second prize at a Bradford Radio Society competition and Wharfedale Hi-Fi prouducts are still winning plenty of awards to this very day.

Wharfedale as a Hi-Fi brand is known as an innovator in its field, developing one of the first two-way speakers in 1945, and collaborating with Quad's Peter Walker fusing Quad electronics and Wharfedale loudspeaker technology. The brand spend the next few decades leading the industry in style and science; introducing teak vinyl and modern plastics in the '60s & '70s and Scanned Laser probe (SCALP) and Frequency Slice Plot (FRESP) techniques for sonic accuracy in the '80s.

One of Wharfedale's most successful speaker lines still running to this day is the Wharfedale Diamond Series, first released in 1981.

The speaker was a game changer in the fact it was an ultra-compact bookshelf utilising unique driver technology with a massive sound - it was just what the market was after. The Diamond Series in still in production today, with the Diamond 220 being recognised as the best speaker up to £200 in What Hi-Fi Awards 2014.

In 1996 the Wharfedale Brand was acquired by International Audio Group. Taking the brand a step further and to cope with the demand of a growing pro audio market Wharfedale Pro was born.

Today Wharfedale Pro has been recognised as a leading force in a competitive market in its own right. Similarly to the bestselling Diamond series in Hi-Fi, Wharfedale Pro has received similar success; loudspeaker ranges including the Titan Active, WLA and EVP-X have been internationally recognised and used from smaller venues, bands and mobile DJ setups to professional installations incuding stadiums, superclubs, houses of worship and theatres.